So you are planning to bid a final goodbye to your longtime travel bud, your RV! If you are not sure how to amidst a crowd of other pre-owned vehicles, our advice is offer freebies – as many as you can manage. Why not begin with a digitized ‘service manual’? Even if you already have a printed owner’s manual, download the electronic version of the complete manual – it offers a better, more comprehensive picture about your vehicle. Download the document and write the information on a CD. It will make a valuable add-on for your rig, and your prospects will really appreciate the effort. And you will be one step ahead of your competitors in creating that most important first impression.

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Why Is It Worth Your Effort?

A digitized manual is the best source of useful information that the new owner can have. It answers almost all the questions relating to a rig’s driving and maintenance. The information in it is not only thorough, but also comes complete with illustrations. The kind of information you are likely to find in such a manual include:

How to jump start the RV?
How to install a child seat properly?
What does each of the warning lights on the panel signify?
Where can you find the jack when you want to change a tire?

In addition, this useful handbook provides insights on four vital areas of – engine capacity, engine oil, transmission fluid types and maintenance schedule.

It explains through a diagram where the engine oil dipstick and the transmission fluid dipstick are located. The newer models require very specific types of transmission fluids – the manual tells you exactly what you need for your rig. Most importantly, it guides you on various maintenance tasks including how often you should change the engine oil and transmission fluid.

See how an electronic owner’s manual makes an important value-addition? And the best part is, it doesn’t cost you anything apart from that one blank CD and a little bit of your time. Visit the manufacture’ website to download the manual. You may have to register (free) to access the document.

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