What do you need to compel people over all the others If this is going on inside your head all the time, then you probably need a better option than conventional add-ons that most of the sellers go for. What could it be? Well, how about making your RV disability-accessible? Think about it, with this special feature, you would be able to access the circle of clients who cannot travel in conventional rigs. Plus, your deal would give buyers an option to bring along their disabled family members on a trip, thus making an appealing case to buy your RV. So, if you are really looking for ways to improve your chances of getting a great price on the resale, making your vehicle disability-accessible would be the best way to go. How? Let us explore our options.

11(29th June)

What Do You Need?

Obviously, you would need professional help, but before asking them what modification would be best for you, let us do a quick research on what modifications are in trend right now.

An All Accessible Driving Facility

Few small adjustments or modifications on the driving controls can help you sweeten the deal and get the price boost you need. Better hand controls in improving steering, shifter and clutch usage for the disabled can get the job done. Highlight the features in your sales pitch and let the potential buyers know that with your RV, a disabled person can even drive to newer places instead of being just the passenger. It will definitely get you the attention.

Disability Accessible Interiors

Mobility impairment can make moving inside the RV difficult and tiring for the disabled individuals. But, you can add handrails and shower chairs to make things easier for them. Putting a few installations in the hall, bedroom, and bathroom won’t really cost you a fortune, but having better features will get you the price you have in mind.

Easy In and Out Facilities

There are numerous modifications that you can opt for while looking to make your RV entrance disability accessible. There are popular elevators that you can consider. these machines can lift the wheelchair from outside and safely bring the person in the RV But, as you can imagine, it might cost you a pretty penny. If you want to go with something cheaper, you can add a modular ramp at the entrance of the RV. However, you might have to widen your entryway a bit for that to function properly.

As we have explained already, you would have to contact the professionals to assess your rig and suggest you the appropriate solutions. But, with an understanding of things, you will surely make the best decision. Now that you know how to , get to it and boost you resale value confidently.

Thinking of selling your RV, but a burst water line is making things a bit difficult? Burst water lines are evil and manipulative that way! Generally, cold winter weather introduces wear and tear to the otherwise sturdy water pipes. But the good news is, you do not have to back out from your plans to . The water lines obviously need a repair but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to call in the professionals just yet (unless it’s already out of hands). Here is an easy way out.

10(27th June)

Search for the Damaged Area

Check your RV thoroughly to find the damaged pipeline first. It would be easy if your RV has removable panels. Even if it doesn’t, you still have to find the damaged area. After you have located it, turn off the pump and open the faucets near the leak to let the water drain.

Assess Damage and Get Supplies

Although repairing the water lines is not very hard, your efforts can backfire if there isn’t a well thought-out plan supporting it. So, before rolling up your sleeves to understand the repair job, measure the damage and figure out what length of a water pipe you would need to replace the damaged part. You would also need proper fittings. Check products like compression union fitting, elbow fittings and pipe thread fittings to find the best solution, or ask experts to help you pick the right item.

Cut the Damage

After assessing the damage, you have to cut out the damaged area of the line. Modern RVs generally come equipped with plastic pipes, which are easy to cut. But, old models have copper based pipes that will need tubing cutter. You would need steady hands to cut the damaged part from the copper line. Avoid using too much pressure.

Replace the Pipeline

Now put a fitting on each end of the severed water line and add the new length of pipe in the middle. You would need wrenches to tighten the metal fittings on the pipe. But, if you have bought plastic fittings then bring pliers to screw them tight on the pipes. You can add adhesive on the pipelines to improve the bond between the pipeline and the fittings. Give the adhesive ample time to dry and then turn the water on to see if it is working alright.

See! It is not that hard to . But, follow the suggestions carefully while handling a burst water line to keep things safe and easy. Now that you know how to handle the problem, do not let it stop you from getting a great resale value for your RV.

Are you experiencing problems with your RV door lock? There are situations when a door starts jamming and you need to slam it hard to lock it. Moreover, it is also irksome to carry that keychain loaded with keys everywhere you go. The co-passengers have to depend on you to get in and out of the car. So, the best way to deal with this problem is by . If you are a full-time RV-er then this is a very useful and secured system that needs to be integrated immediately. No points for guessing that the future buyers of your RV would love it too.

9(22nd June)

Benefits of Keyless RV Lock

This lock system gives you freedom from the age-old security structure. You do not have to bother about getting locked inside, losing your keys or depending on one person to open the door for you. Plus, the doors can look more stylish and be strong. This system provides security in three ways – you need to enter a numeric combination on the keypad, use remote key fob and also have a set of back-up keys. You can take your pick from any of these three choices and get access in and out of the vehicle easily.

These keyless RV locks are quite sturdy and controlled by motor features. The locking mechanism is durable with a programmable keypad. The keypad illuminates for better visibility. With the use of the key fob, you can control the door from a distance and can open it easily even when it is extremely dark. Though locks are motor-driven, you can still operate it manually. Finally, installation is not that hard and can be done fast.

You can keep on changing the code after a period of time to maintain the security of your RV. These keyless RV locks do not require extra wiring because they are standalone and budget-friendly product.

So, say goodbye to all those problems concerning the typical locking system, and install keyless RV locks to make your road trip happy and secured. Show off these advanced features to potential buyers and .

Now that you have decided to , make sure you give it a fresh quote of color before advertising for sale.

Are you worried about the cost that you need to bear for painting?

Yes, we do understand that this can be a costly decision. But if you really want to crack a good deal, this step is unavoidable. However, there are ways in which you can minimize the cost of painting your RV.

8(20th june)

Use Single Color

Let’s begin with the cheapest way to paint your RV and that is by using a single color. If you are not ready to spend money on multiple colors use just one shade to paint your entire vehicle. In case you go for custom finish, that will cost you a bit extra. So, all that you can do is create a base and leave the rest to the buyer who can paint the RV as per their choice.


Tell you what, using graphics as a way to paint your RV is both risky as well as cool. It may happen that you will have to search a bit harder for a buyer because the idea of having a graphic design on their vehicle may not be preferred by all. But on the other hand, an RV with graffiti or any other graphical forms increase its value to people who love this art form. The buyer who selects this van will be easy to negotiate with because the design on the wall of the van has already earned his attention. If you decide to take this route, all you need to do is put a base color and add the design of your choice.


This is another cost-effective solution and it can save you money over a full paint job. Fiberglass lasts a long time and it does not absorb heat. This keeps the inside temperature at a moderate level. However, fiberglass can be a bit costly, but it increases the selling value.

So, minimize the cost of painting using these ideas and at the time of selling. An attractive exterior is the first step to cracking an awesome deal.

Saving electricity is one of the most important matters of concern when RV-ing. You do not want to waste the energy, but at the same time, you find it difficult to live in a location with no lights around. To overcome this uncomfortable feeling, you can install . This uses less power and gives you enough brightness at a cost-effective price. If you want to break the monotony, personalize the lights in a way that can make your rig stand out in the crowd. Twelve volt LED is enough to bling-up your vehicle. And if you want to customize it, use the rope style that requires little amperage and releases less heat.

7(18th June)

You can install this LED rope lighting in any part of your RV, like the chassis frame, around the window, doors and so on. If you love the blinking feature, get those color-changing packs where you can control the color shade. Many prefer to use the blue tone for lighting the chassis. Another popular way is installing them on the awning cover. This keeps the patio bright at night and makes your RV look really cool.

Decking up the interior is one of the common uses of such lights. Put the LED rope lights around the cabinet or hang them at the corners. This will give your RV a dramatic appeal while saving power.

LED light can leave you surprised because it can light up the van in an interesting way at a pocket friendly price. Other than these, there are LED bulbs, which are a bit costly but save power. You can even install motion sensitive lights that can give you a secured feeling.

What are you waiting for? Give your RV a new look with these lights and glow is dark. When you are , highlight these to your potential customers. They are bound to love the all sparkling look of your motor home.

You were happy with your home-on-wheels without making any alterations. However, , you need to make a few upgrades to make it conducive to a customer’s lifestyle. Here are a few RV upgrades that you should consider before selling your home-on-wheels.

6(16th June)

Additional Battery Capacity

A deep cycle battery with a total capacity of 85 AH is fine if an RV-er normally stays in RV parks or campgrounds for a short period of time with no electricity hookups. But if a potential customer wants to explore the country parks or camps in the state and national parks or the beautiful Bureau of Land Management (BLM) spots that are completely off the electricity grid, additional battery capacity will keep the RV powered-up for a long time.

External and Internal LED Lighting

Upgrade your RV’s interior and exterior lighting with LED lamps or bulbs. It will not only save battery power when dry camping, but will also improve the vehicle’s visibility at night or during cold, foggy days. LED lights are brighter than ordinary lamps, and are also pretty durable.

More Shoe Storage

If your prospective buyer happens to be a full-time RV-er and stays with his family, he will need more space for storing shoes Add a few cubbyhole shelves so that your customer has more place to store them instead of piling them up untidily. Your customer will find this upgrade pretty convenient.

Make these small yet important upgrades to your RV before selling it off. You will be surprised by the value they add to your deal. Contact us today, and .

So you are planning to bid a final goodbye to your longtime travel bud, your RV! If you are not sure how to amidst a crowd of other pre-owned vehicles, our advice is offer freebies – as many as you can manage. Why not begin with a digitized ‘service manual’? Even if you already have a printed owner’s manual, download the electronic version of the complete manual – it offers a better, more comprehensive picture about your vehicle. Download the document and write the information on a CD. It will make a valuable add-on for your rig, and your prospects will really appreciate the effort. And you will be one step ahead of your competitors in creating that most important first impression.

5(14th june)

Why Is It Worth Your Effort?

A digitized manual is the best source of useful information that the new owner can have. It answers almost all the questions relating to a rig’s driving and maintenance. The information in it is not only thorough, but also comes complete with illustrations. The kind of information you are likely to find in such a manual include:

How to jump start the RV?
How to install a child seat properly?
What does each of the warning lights on the panel signify?
Where can you find the jack when you want to change a tire?

In addition, this useful handbook provides insights on four vital areas of – engine capacity, engine oil, transmission fluid types and maintenance schedule.

It explains through a diagram where the engine oil dipstick and the transmission fluid dipstick are located. The newer models require very specific types of transmission fluids – the manual tells you exactly what you need for your rig. Most importantly, it guides you on various maintenance tasks including how often you should change the engine oil and transmission fluid.

See how an electronic owner’s manual makes an important value-addition? And the best part is, it doesn’t cost you anything apart from that one blank CD and a little bit of your time. Visit the manufacture’ website to download the manual. You may have to register (free) to access the document.

‘Country roads, take me home/ To the place I belong’. Ah! What’s better than music when , past the green fields or the distant mountains? If you are like us, you prefer driving while listening to your favourite numbers. Want to update that playlist? We have made a list of five tracks (in no particular order) that will add a new tune to your trip.

4(8th June)

Every Mile a Memory by Dierks Bentley

Co-written and recorded by the American country music artist Dierks Bentley, this song speaks of country roads, old theater marquee signs, parking lots, billboards, western sky and the likes. The song will remind you about your lost love.

Highwayman by The Highwaymen

Highwayman is the first studio album released by the celebrated country band The Highwaymen, comprising Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. The chartbuster takes you to another world where spirits take the road, even in death.

I’ve Been Everywhere by Johnny Cash

A dusty Winnemucca road starts taking shape in your mind’s eye when you listen to this jazzy number. The song touches on everything, from Buffalo to La Paloma to Chicopee. Memorize the names and hum it along as you drive to keep your spirit up.

Highway 20 Ride by Zac Brown Band

It’s a single from American country music group Zac Brown Band’s eponymous platinum-selling ‘Foundation’ album. This emotion-evoking number tells you a musical story of a doting father taking up miles-long weekend road trips to see his children.

Country Roads (Take Me Home) by John Denver

A song from John Denver’s 1971 breakout album Poems, Prayers & Promises, ‘Take Me Home’ is loved worldwide for its powerful lyrics and soulful tune. It happens to be one of Denver’s most popular songs. Over the years, it has become an iconic symbol of West Virginia.

Good music can make all the difference between a and a bad one. So load up your playlist with these road-tested numbers and enjoy driving through the scenic highways.

So, you have decided to sell your RV, expecting that your deal will sail smooth? Hang on! Have your checked its shower pan recently? . A leaking shower pan will not only cause water damage to your rig, but also damage your RV’s look with unsightly molds. Who do you think will buy your rig in such a condition? No one. But there is a solution. You can repair the shower pans before putting your RV for sale. Here is how you can do it:

3(6th june)

Things Needed

Before you start repairing, keep some of these things handy. They are mask, gloves, long-sleeved shirt, acetone, paper towel, first-grit sandpaper, soft cloth, utility knife, fiberglass epoxy hardener and resin, hairdryer, and tub and shower fiberglass paste repair kit.

Repair Guidelines

  • Wear your mask and gloves. Have a look at the shower pan for leakage. Figure out where exactly it is leaking.

  • Take the utility knife to cut out a V-shaped mark where you find the shower pan crack. The crack should be able to support the filler, and so you will have to shape it properly. Place the knife to the left or right of the crack. Hold the utility knife at an angle of 45 degrees and push it towards the center of the pan crack. You’ll need to cut off a portion of the shower pan. Make sure that you are able to shape the side of the crack into a slant. Repeat the steps for the other side. Verify whether the top of the crack is one-sixteenth to three-sixteenth inches wide when you’re through.

  • Take a paper towel to rub the crack and sand this part gently using a fine-grit sand paper. Repeat the wiping process with a paper towel. Clean the area with a soft cloth and acetone.

  • Mix the fiberglass paste or the epoxy resin together as per the guidelines printed on the packaging.

  • Apply a thin and uniform coating on the shower pan crack. Work on it quickly as the mixture will start hardening in a couple of minutes. Use the epoxy hardener if you are applying the epoxy resin.

  • Wait for an hour to let the area dry up. Take the hairdryer if you would like to speed up the hardening process.

  • Sand the area gently to mix with the adjoining surface. If you have the fiberglass paste repair kit, use the rubber compound with a soft cloth.

Keep your RV shower pan in a good condition before you show your rig to a prospective customer. . Contact us now to get further assistance on the selling part.

You realize how important the RV generator is the moment the land power fails. Chances are . It only makes sense that you take a good look at your generator condition before you put up your rig for sale. If you see that it’s not up and running you need to repair the same. The best part is, you can do it yourself. Here are some simple instructions:


  • Have a look at the circuit breakers. Replace it if you find that they are broken.

  • Replace the fuel filter and the genset. A brown or black substance surrounding the exhaust will indicate that the fuel filters need replacement.

  • Examine the DC cables to ensure that they are clean and secured. You will find these cables behind the genset. If you find that they are dirty, clean the cables with a mild and quality cleanser. If the DC cables have become loose, secure them with the help of a screwdriver.

  • Detach the screws from the cover to check for loose wires.

  • If you find that the oil is low when the start or stop switch flashes, add more oil as recommended by the user manual.

Other Useful Tips

  • Make sure that the housebatteries are charged every week for about 30-40 minutes. It will prevent the carburetor from blocking fuel jets.

  • Use genuine replacement parts only.

  • Tell your customer to change the filter and oil after every 150 hours of use.

Now that you know how to repair your motor home’s generator, it will ease the process of selling your RV. . We promise to help you strike the best deal.