Virginia Beach, a coastal city located in Virginia, has some breathtaking spots for RV-ers to explore. Besides the beach and the boardwalk, other attractions include the First Landing State Park showing off the town’s historical roots where the Jamestown colonists arrived in the city to start a settlement. Before selling your RV, to Virginia Beach.

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Opportunities to See Wildlife

Are you a nature lover? If so, you will get many opportunities to see wildlife here including a bird walk at False Cape State Park, the Virginia Aquarium, or a whale watching expedition in the area. If you are an outdoorsy person, try sport fishing in one of the popular fishing areas in the mid-Atlantic Ocean. You can also indulge in some family fun activities like crabbing at First Landing State Park. Make sure that you take a guide along to make the most of this trip.

A Foodie’s Paradise

If you are a foodie, you must visit the 3-mile boardwalk to try some delicious dishes to pamper your taste buds. Savor a steaming cup of coffee at the Belvedere Hotel while enjoying the spectacular view of the Atlantic. Want to try some lip-smacking seafood? Head to the Virginia Beach Seafood Market and Pub on Mediterranean Avenue. You will love the cozy ambiance of the bar. Once here, treat yourself to the best seafood in the city.

Scope for Refined Entertainment

If you are looking for some refined entertainment, Virginia Beach is the place to be. Do not miss some of the outstanding performances at The Little Theater. Make the most of your trip with good music, plays, and loads of entertainment. You can enjoy live musical performances along Atlantic Avenue if you happen to visit the town during the summer months.

Experience the Boardwalk

After basking in the sun, your kids can have some fun at the awesome boardwalk stretching from 40th Street to Rudee Inlet. Teens will have a great time jogging, biking, and rollerblading. This boardwalk is also the perfect place to pedal a beach buggy. Mix, mingle, play, and have lots of fun at Virginia Beach before you sell your RV. If you after you return, we will help you make the right deal.

Regardless of whether you own a small rig or a large one, you need to make good use of the available space. More so, this is important if you want to impress a potential customer and . When buyers come to inspect your RV in person, one of the first things they will inquire about is space. Since an RV is technically a moving house, it is only justified that it has all the space one would need to feel at home. Here are three innovative ways to dramatically improve your RV’s storage space before you sell it:


1. Install Under-Cabinet Racks and Plastic Storage Tubs

Make the most of your RV’s kitchen space by using the under-cabinet racks. You can store plates, wine bottles, and wine glasses in the racks to make more room for pots, pans or other utensils in the cabinets. Install racks in places with higher surfaces and store anything you want to. The most under-utilized area in an RV is its vertical space. So, make the most of it to improve storage. With plastic storage tubs, you can keep all your stuff in an organized manner and achieve a clutter-free look instantly.

2. Use Slide-Out Surfaces and Drawers

Think intelligently and make the most of any unused space. Consider installing a slide-out surface under your bed or drawers below the coffee table. You can even add a slide-out cutting board to make cooking easy. Tell your buyer about these little additions. Explain how slide-out boards will create more space in the RV kitchen.

3. Get the Most out of Unused Wall Space

Add more space to your RV walls by installing hooks or shelves. Keep things like bags, clothes, and even kitchen utensils on these hooks. You can use the hooks to hang shoe organizers as well. This is the best way to make the most of your small drawers to store things in , bathroom or living area.

Take some time and plan out every corner of your motor home to improve storage space. If you want to speed up the selling process and clinch the right deal, contact our team now.

One of the greatest mistakes that many RV owners make when selling their luxury vehicle is not paying attention to the worn or damaged captain chairs. ? If you have been traveling with your family and friends all these years, driving your rig for eight, nine or even twelve hours at a time, chances are that all of these trips have left their mark on the captain chairs. If you do not know how to give them the lost luster back, consider the following tips:

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Seat Improvements

Invest in a detachable auto seat cushion to make driving more comfortable. RV buyers looking for long hours of travel will particularly like this option. You can even consider a 6-way adjustable pedal base to make driving easier on the US roads. Heated seats are a good choice for buyers who want to travel to cold destinations.

Seat Cover Options

You can choose from a wide range of RV seat covers. Pick out something that closely resembles what you originally had or seat covers with more decorative options. Opt for sheepskin seat covers if you want to sell your rig to an avid traveler or one who is passionate about fulltime RV-ing. The next best option is the economically priced seat covers. These are your best bet if you want to perk up your used motor home without breaking your bank.

Price of Economy Captain Chairs

If you are considering fitting a brand-new captain’s chair, you can find many varieties in the $350-$500 bracket. There are, of course, the premium quality ones that you can buy in case you have a better selling price in mind. When enhancing your RV captain seats, think carefully. Understand what exactly your customers are looking for.

We recommend that you avoid expensive enhancements if you have budget constraints. We will help you obtain a reasonable deal. , contact us right away.

The first impression is the most important impression – you would do well to keep this statement in mind when trying to sell your motor home. No matter how pristine your RV looks on the outside, if the interiors are dull and shabby, the buyer might back off from the deal. So, it’s necessary to brighten up the inside, and one section that warrants a makeover more than any other is the RV kitchen. Most sellers tend to overlook the kitchen space design when , but if you’re trying to attract a decent family, the appearance of your motor vehicle kitchen matters a lot. It won’t cost you much; simply using tiles with interesting patterns and designs will work wonders. Let’s take a look at the factors you should keep in mind before deciding on a specific type of tile that is best for your RV kitchen.

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Space Issues

Before you begin work on your RV kitchen, you need to ensure that you’ve taken the space constraints into consideration. Keep the weight factor in mind. Some RVs are towed by cars, and any excess weight makes controlling the vehicle a lot harder and might induce dangerous driving. This is the reason why glass and ceramic tiles are a complete no-no for the kitchen. Another reason is that heavier varieties of tiles result in the consumption of more gas, and that is not something that any RV-er in his/her right mind would want. Chances are that your RV will not remain stationary, so tiles must remain fixed to prevent any inconveniences. Make sure that bumps in the road and potholes do not cause the tiles to fall off the kitchen walls or sustain cracks. This is why it is better to pick tiles made of solid or supple materials.


The ideal choice for an RV kitchen is Smart Tiles that you can simply peel and stick on your kitchen walls. These tiles are flexible, light, solid, and remain stuck to the walls even on bumpy rides. These tiles provide your RV kitchen with a look that resembles glass tiles but without any drawbacks. These tiles are ideal when it comes to temperature and durability.

Sprucing up your RV and ensuring that the kitchen looks presentable enough to draw buyers takes time and energy. You have to pick the right sort of tiles for the walls that not only look great but are functional as well. When , get in touch with us and we will help you make close a fair deal.

All vehicles, including RVs, have windshield wipers to facilitate a smooth ride in extreme climatic conditions. Wipers are made of rubber, and so it is common for them to wear out after many months of wiping off rain, dust, and snow. If your windshield wiper blades have begun to streak, squeak, or skip, you might need to replace them, especially if you are planning to sell your RV. Read on to find out how you can windshield wiper blades.

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Blade Shape

You must pay close attention to the shape of the blade. A lot of RVs come with curved windshields, so the blade must be curved as well in order to make proper contact while wiping. Similarly, straight wiper blades are ideal for vehicles that have a flat windshield.


It is necessary to measure the length of the blades being used on the passenger seat and the driver’s seat sides. You can measure the length of the blades by yourself, but most stores that sell windshield wiper blades offer a manual. This allows you to look up the suitable length for the make and model of your RV.

Cost Factor

The price of windshield wiper blades tends to differ drastically based on the variant you choose. You must carry out a bit of comparison shopping to understand what wipers are best suited to your budget but still promise a good quality.

People often overlook the windshield wiper blades when trying to spruce up the various parts of an RV. However, these on whether you manage to close a deal or not. We have many more tips and tricks on selling RVs up our sleeves. If you need assistance with selling your RV, contact us today.

Have you finally decided to sell off your RV?If so, chances are you have already invested a lot of your time and energy to get your rig show-ready. You might have decluttered it, and even upgraded some parts of your RV to . However, are you sure your buyers will find the rig agreeable? You need to rethink because certain aspects, like your prospective buyer’s taste and preferences, are not within your control. There may be a few things within your RV that your buyer might feel ‘offensive’ or ‘distasteful.’ If you need to sell your RV now, focus on removing the following few things that may not appeal to your buyers:

RV Buyers


You may find your rabbitto be the cutest creature in this world, but your buyer may not find him sweet at all! Don’t be too surprised or hurt, because there are many people who do not love pets. When such a buyer comes to visit your rig only to be chased around by an unfriendly pet, you cannot expect to make a good impression. To be on the safe side, remove your pet from your rig before the buyers start coming in.

Politically Obsessive Displays

Just step into the shoes of a buyer for once and imagine visiting an RV for sale that flaunts a huge sign that represents your favored political party on its body. Such naked display of one’s political orientation is plain tasteless. You do not know your buyer and he or she may have different views than you. Your political views may be dear to your heart, but chancesare they will put off your prospects and may even scare them away. It is best that such displays are best avoided.

Locked Spaces and Mysterious Objects

When buyers come to survey your motor home, they want to take a tour of the whole rig, not just parts of it. Therefore, if you refuse to show some parts of your motor home, for example, your master bedroom, that may offend your buyers. Worse still, they may consider your act as an attempt to hide something. It makes them suspicious. This can be a big turnoff. Out of place objects can trigger a similar reaction, so remove any odd (or exotic) items before the presentation.

Drugs and Alcohol

Did you know that a lingering odor of drugs and alcohol may deter buyers?How do you think your prospects will react when they walk in and smell cigarette smoke or see empty whiskey bottles lining up the kitchen cabinet in your rig? You can never be sure of it, so it is best to ensure that there is no sign of these things. Now that you know the things that might offend your buyers, be sure to keep these things away from the rig during the presentation. If you need any other , contact us right away.

Imagine your customers come over to check the RV you’ve put up for sale. They find it to be perfect, and all that’s left for them is to sign on the dotted line. Tragedy strikes at the most inopportune of moments; your buyer wipes his/her nose with a tissue, and asks you for the garbage can. The only problem is, you don’t have one. In fact, you never bothered with one for your motor home as you’ve always discarded your trash outdoors and on your stops. However, this won’t fly with modern buyers, especially those who are environmentally conscious. They expect proper waste disposal methods to be in place. This is why it’s better to give your vehicle one last look-over to make sure everything is in order before you place it on the market. After all, you have to impress your potential buyers! Sometimes, the smallest of details like a garbage bin escapes your attention, and you might end up regretting it later. Read on to learn .

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You don’t have to waste money on a fancy-looking trash can, its functions are all utilitarian, not decorative. Pick a garbage can that enables you to hook it to RV walls so that you can save space. Containers made of high grade plastic and stainless steel are the best options as they prevent corrosion. The bin should have a design that supports outdoor use.


While the capacity of the garbage bin you pick for your RV should be sufficient, it should not take up a whole lot of space. The material used for the manufacture of the trash cans should be sturdy yet lightweight.

Improved Functionality

Make sure you invest in a trash can that doubles up as an extra storage compartment when necessary. For this reason, you need a product that can be washed and cleaned easily.

Choosing the right garbage bin for your RV will show the buyers that you pay attention to minor details. It isn’t much, but you never know what will impress a prospective buyer. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of selling your RV on your own, .