Regardless of whether you own a small rig or a large one, you need to make good use of the available space. More so, this is important if you want to impress a potential customer and . When buyers come to inspect your RV in person, one of the first things they will inquire about is space. Since an RV is technically a moving house, it is only justified that it has all the space one would need to feel at home. Here are three innovative ways to dramatically improve your RV’s storage space before you sell it:


1. Install Under-Cabinet Racks and Plastic Storage Tubs

Make the most of your RV’s kitchen space by using the under-cabinet racks. You can store plates, wine bottles, and wine glasses in the racks to make more room for pots, pans or other utensils in the cabinets. Install racks in places with higher surfaces and store anything you want to. The most under-utilized area in an RV is its vertical space. So, make the most of it to improve storage. With plastic storage tubs, you can keep all your stuff in an organized manner and achieve a clutter-free look instantly.

2. Use Slide-Out Surfaces and Drawers

Think intelligently and make the most of any unused space. Consider installing a slide-out surface under your bed or drawers below the coffee table. You can even add a slide-out cutting board to make cooking easy. Tell your buyer about these little additions. Explain how slide-out boards will create more space in the RV kitchen.

3. Get the Most out of Unused Wall Space

Add more space to your RV walls by installing hooks or shelves. Keep things like bags, clothes, and even kitchen utensils on these hooks. You can use the hooks to hang shoe organizers as well. This is the best way to make the most of your small drawers to store things in , bathroom or living area.

Take some time and plan out every corner of your motor home to improve storage space. If you want to speed up the selling process and clinch the right deal, contact our team now.

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