When you have finally made up your mind to part with your dated rig, you must understand what your buyer needs that make RV-ing more comfortable. Even simple add-ons like a USB wall charger, a wall-mounted toothbrush holder or a travel-tracker map can help you up your RV’s comfort quotient by a few notches. Want to know about more drool-worthy access? Well, before you hit the market for selling your RV for cash, accessorize your home-on-wheels with these three items:

1. Smash-proof Wine Glasses

What is RV-ing without sipping from a glass of favorite Cabernet Sauvignon while watching the sunset by the lake or savoring some succulent pork chops? Therefore, if you want to make your buyers fantasize about a lifestyle as magnificent as this, put a set of break-proof wine glasses on display. Once you walk a prospective customer in your RV, tell him or her about these little additions. Tell them that they do not need to worry about bracing the glasses when they are on their next camping destination or risk the crashing of glass on the floor accidentally. Smash-proof wine glasses make RV-ing convenient without having to worry about any damages to them.

2. A Set of Ovenware

The ability to cook on the go is one of the boons of vacationing in an RV. Adding a set of compact ovenware such as baking dishes, cookie sheets, roasting pans, pizza stones and more will easily pique your prospects’ interest in your unit. These products will cost you very little — not more than $25. While showing the kitchen to your prospects, tell them how these utensils will enable them to toss up freshly cooked mouthwatering treats on the go.

3. Mountable Rack Organizers

If your RV kitchen cabinets have limited space, you can install mountable spice rack organizers for more room. Explain to your buyers, how the unit will come to their help in storing all the jars without seeing them rolling over inside the cabinet or reorganizing them repeatedly while traveling.

If you are selling your RV on your own, you need to spice up the deal by adding something extra to offer more value for your customer’s money. And in case you need some help to sell your RV quickly, we will help you clinch the best deal in no time. Contact us today for further assistance.

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