Selling your used RV is not like selling any household stuff. First of all, you must prep up your rig for a sales presentation. Face it: it involves a little hard work. And before starting the job, think what a prospective buyer wants from your rig – a spick and span luxury vehicle with modern entertainment systems, furniture, gadgets, and appliances. So, you may have to spend hours in tidying, organizing, and cleaning. Here are three tips to take the pain out of your job:

1. Clean it up for Sale

You stage your house when you plan to sell it, right? The same rule holds true when selling your RV. Give your vehicle a deep clean to give it a showroom-like shine. Ensure that all the television and other furniture are intact and in the best condition. And in case you are not willing to include your camping furniture in the deal, remove them before buyers visit for a personal inspection. Do not let them think that you are giving these items free.

2. Fix Damaged Appliances

Be it a crockpot, mini fridge, or bathroom towel rack, fix them if they are damaged or broken. Otherwise, a potential customer may request you to reduce the selling price of your used RV. Today, customers come informed, and so do not assume that they will not inspect the appliances. Therefore, be honest and inform buyers about any problems before they find them out. If the repair costs are insignificant, you can ignore. Else, include them in the asking price.

3. Create the Ad and Set the Correct Price

Highlight the best features of your RV ad. Write short, simple descriptions of the upgrades you have made and take high-resolution photographs. You must decide on a fair market price that seems fine for both you and the buyer. Refer to the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) and the RV Blue Book to get the hang of what your vehicle type costs in the market. Set a price on the lower averages to attract the maximum numbers of buyers.

Selling your RV takes effort and time, but there is no reason that you cannot trade it off. Make the vehicle presentable and sell at the right time to clinch the best deal. Feel free to contact us if you want to sell it for some quick cash on the spot.

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