What if your seller successfully convinced you to buy an RV which has water damages? How would you feel? Cheated, of course, and then maybe you will report the seller on online forums. But walk into the seller’s shoes for the time being. What if you wanted to that had water damages? Of course we won’t recommend cheating the buyer. And why would you when you can fix the problem? We will tell you how.


Step 1

Find out the water damaged area in your trailer. If you find the ceiling is water soaked, be rest assured that the wood underneath is rotten. So, cover everything below that region, and rip off the damaged ceiling or wall. Tear the wood completely because missing out any portion will renew the water leaks.

Step 2

If the framework is rotten in places, remove those particular areas carefully without creating a hole. At times, you have to remove the fixture disconnecting some wires. Label every fixture and wire to avoid confusion while reinstating them.

Step 3

If you have already identified the leak, repair it and let it dry for a few months. In case you are still unable to locate the leak, wait for the next rain and check the source of the damage. This will help you patch up properly. And once all the insulation and fixtures have dried up, restore the RV. Make sure you are using new screws, wallpaper and new woods, for replacing the damaged areas.

It is better to take immediate steps, the moment you find water stains on the ceiling of your RV or wall paneling. The longer you ignore it, the more serious damage it can cause. This in turn will increase your repairing cost. Moreover, the roof sealers and repair products for your home may not be helpful to restore the water-damaged area in the camper. If you are not a pro with the repairing work, hire a professional. You can always get a good deal selling a used RV in its best form. So, don’t ruin your reputation, repair the damage and build a .

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