Rubber roofs have long been a staple in recreational vehicles. The manufacturers prefer a material that is lightweight and flexible, and rubber fits the bill perfectly. The best part is, a rubber roof can go decades without sustaining any wear and tear if it is properly maintained. But trouble starts when you hit a sharp object like a tree branch, and it rips a hole in your rubber roof. If you were planning on selling your vehicle, a damaged rubber roof is a deal-breaker. So, you need to fix the problem immediately.

Locate the Damaged Section

Before you begin the repairs, check the surface of your roof to better understand where the problem is and how you can proceed with the patch. Walk along the roofline and lay some light wood material like plywood along the seams. Walking over wooden boards on the roof distributes your weight evenly across the RV roof rafters and the boards.

Handle Minor Leaks

If the damage to the roof is minor, use rubber roof coating to seal over the leak. However, before applying the substance, clean the area carefully. Then take a paint brush and paint on top of the leaky portion.

Use the Right Tools

Want to permanently seal the hole without having to replace the entire RV rubber roof? Check out sealing materials like EternaBond. Available in patch or tape form, this product is perfect for repairing roof tears of various sizes.

Duct tape might serve as a temporary solution, but you need to repair your rubber roof if you want to sell your RV. It’s a simple task, and you should be able to complete it yourself without any professional assistance. Once you’re done, put the motor home up for sale. And if you require help finding buyers, contact us here.

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