Before you get ready to , a relaxing trip can be the best way to complete the circle of adventures. This last trip can be a fitting tribute to all your years of journey through thick and thin with you motor home. Boondocking trips generally take you to the most solitary places, to the untouched or rarely selected locations for camping. Although a bit of solitude is required to let your sweet old RV travel memories flood your mind, staying away from conventional campground and other campers can present some difficulties. Not that you cannot handle such problems. But a few suggestions and information on what to do to stay safe, can make things easier for you on the road. So, let us try to pick out a few choices to keep things safe while boondocking.


Park in Well-Lit Areas

You can decide that you do not need traditional convenience (electricity, water, and sewer hook-ups) for the last motor home trip, but do not forget to re-check the safety choices. As you will be parking your RV in not-so-crowded or utterly secluded areas, make sure that they are well-lit. This will let you feel safe and keep the troublemakers away from you rig.

Keep Socializing to Minimum at Night

, to avoid getting out of the RV at night. If you are thinking of traveling alone, try not to discuss your travel plans with strangers. Talking about gears you have in your RV and other possessions could get you into trouble. So, keep things to yourself and be alert to avoid unnecessary issues.

Secure Windows and Doors

Make it a habit to lock and secure all the doors and windows before leaving your RV alone or going to sleep. Keeping the night light on inside the motor home can make you feel safe and secured, even in a strange and solitary location. And do not forget to draw the curtains on the windows after sundown.

Boondocking can be a great way to say goodbye to your rig. And with a bit of safety measures in place, you can enjoy your moments far away from crowded campsites.

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