How To Sell Your Motor Home For Cash Quickly

How To Sell Your Motor Home For Cash Quickly

Have a gently used motor home you’re no longer using?  Well, there’s good news.  There’s never been a better time than now to sell RVs for cash.  RV sales have surged during the Covid-19 pandemic.  According to the RV Industry Association (RVIA), wholesale shipments of motor homes reached their highest monthly total in June of 2020 since October of 2018.  Many people found the ideal way to social distance and yet still see the world was to buy a motor home.  The demand is high, and the supply of quality, luxury RVs is at a premium.

If your RV is a 2002 or new model gas or diesel motor home, a company like Sell RV Now can give you fast cash for it.

It’s a simple selling process.  First, you get a free and fair appraisal.  Then Sell RV Now picks up your motor home and pays you cash on the spot for an RV that’s been gathering dust.   Plus, a professional buyer like Sell RV Now can put money in your pocket much faster than most RV dealers.  Why?  Because they don’t sell to the public, instead they only sell to RV dealers across the country.

It’s best way to sell an RV and free up the money tied up in your motor home.

With over a decade of industry experience, Sell RV Now’s financial team makes the transaction easy, fair, and satisfying.  They will save you from spending the additional dollars to support the costs of your unused motor home, which may include monthly payments, insurance, storage fees, license renewal, and the additional maintenance costs associated with a motor home now being used.

Better yet, Sell RV Now has a reputation for providing hassle-free, fast, fair results.  Plus, they operate nationwide (and into Canada) and have served hundreds of customers. Be aware, however, that Sell My RV Now only sells motor homes built-in 2002 or newer, and not trailers, 5th wheels or towables.  Be sure to search for a buyer that can help with the transaction for your particular RV make and model.

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