Besides high performance and sleek look, your potential RV buyers also search for privacy in the vehicle. You might think that taking care of your RV cleanup and maintenance is enough to get you buyer’s attention, but a quick look at your competitors’ deals would send you in search of a competitive edge to . Privacy installations in your rig can really turn the wheel and make your deal look an appealing and complete one. Let us check a few privacy installation options that everyone is going for.


Privacy Curtains

Separating the driving area, the bed, and the stairs with curtains can make your RV more home-like. Plus, if your buyers are traveling with family, hanging curtains would add a little more privacy than a traditional RV can present. What’s more:

  • RV curtains come in stain and odor repelling fabric choices
  • And they are easy to wash

Now, after you have caught up with the benefits of adding curtains, you must be considering the investment requirement. Surely, you cannot invest a fortune to modify your RV before selling it. Curtains come in a variety of designs and is available at a wide range of price options.. And you do not need professional help to hang them either.

RV Shades

Another great privacy installation is shades for your RV. When your buyers are taking time off from the road, they do not need the prying eyes of strangers scrutinizing the RV interior. So, they would appreciate you adding the shades. You can pick either blinds or day/night shades for your RV. The price ranges from $5 to $100. These products offer benefits like

  • Easy installation
  • UV ray blocking facility
  • No drilling facility

So, make a wise and affordable RV modification choice with these privacy installations to win the hearts of your buyers. A well-equipped RV always gets the deserved attention. And if you are looking for some help with the selling part, .

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