Your rig is not meant to sit idle; it’s a rugged vehicle which is designed for extensive outdoor use. Although specially treated for enduring the sun’s UV rays and rain, constant exposure to direct sunlight may take a toll on its beauty, subsequently taking away much of its sheen. If you have a plan to , you should start working toward restoring some of the lost shine to its faded exterior. The following products will help you in your efforts:

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Instead of using those detergent-based items, always use those products that are made to serve the dual purpose of cleaning and protecting. These products contain wax that helps protect your RV’s finish and are ideal for RVs with a fiberglass exterior.


After the wash, apply a coat of polish. Use those items only that come with UV protection features. This will help prevent chalky buildup on the RV exterior. Remember, this product is not meant for frequent use. Use them only once in a while.


Is the roof of your RV made of rubber membrane? If yes, you might have noticed your roof getting slowly enveloped by a layer of chalky film. Rain washes down these powdery substances, and they slide down the outer walls of the RV, finally settling down on its surface. Over time, they will fill up the outer walls of your RV with the ugly streak like strains. Use a rubber roof cleaner to get rid of this chalky buildup. Next, use a streak remover to clean off the unsightly stain marks.

When it’s finally time to present your rig before a prospective buyer, polish it with a high-quality oxidation remover. Then apply a few coat of color restorer. This is going to remove the last trace of that chalky look. This step will bring extra shine to your RV.

When you are out in the market for selling a dated rig, you should take the first impression very seriously. Nothing puts off a prospective buyer more than a unit with an unimpressive look and feel. A glossy exterior, on the other hand, helps to form a favorable impression on your customers’ minds. You can easily do that with a thoughtful use of the above-mentioned products. If you are in need for further assistance in selling your RV, .

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