So, you have decided to sell your RV, expecting that your deal will sail smooth? Hang on! Have your checked its shower pan recently? . A leaking shower pan will not only cause water damage to your rig, but also damage your RV’s look with unsightly molds. Who do you think will buy your rig in such a condition? No one. But there is a solution. You can repair the shower pans before putting your RV for sale. Here is how you can do it:

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Things Needed

Before you start repairing, keep some of these things handy. They are mask, gloves, long-sleeved shirt, acetone, paper towel, first-grit sandpaper, soft cloth, utility knife, fiberglass epoxy hardener and resin, hairdryer, and tub and shower fiberglass paste repair kit.

Repair Guidelines

  • Wear your mask and gloves. Have a look at the shower pan for leakage. Figure out where exactly it is leaking.

  • Take the utility knife to cut out a V-shaped mark where you find the shower pan crack. The crack should be able to support the filler, and so you will have to shape it properly. Place the knife to the left or right of the crack. Hold the utility knife at an angle of 45 degrees and push it towards the center of the pan crack. You’ll need to cut off a portion of the shower pan. Make sure that you are able to shape the side of the crack into a slant. Repeat the steps for the other side. Verify whether the top of the crack is one-sixteenth to three-sixteenth inches wide when you’re through.

  • Take a paper towel to rub the crack and sand this part gently using a fine-grit sand paper. Repeat the wiping process with a paper towel. Clean the area with a soft cloth and acetone.

  • Mix the fiberglass paste or the epoxy resin together as per the guidelines printed on the packaging.

  • Apply a thin and uniform coating on the shower pan crack. Work on it quickly as the mixture will start hardening in a couple of minutes. Use the epoxy hardener if you are applying the epoxy resin.

  • Wait for an hour to let the area dry up. Take the hairdryer if you would like to speed up the hardening process.

  • Sand the area gently to mix with the adjoining surface. If you have the fiberglass paste repair kit, use the rubber compound with a soft cloth.

Keep your RV shower pan in a good condition before you show your rig to a prospective customer. . Contact us now to get further assistance on the selling part.

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