How do you like the idea of a time-machine whizzing you back to the 1950’s or 60’s America? Well, this is exactly what you would feel like when you take a ride through the historic Route 66 – the long highway that runs through the heart of the country. As the summer camping season is peaking up, why not get your kicks on the long road nicknamed the ‘Main Street of America?’ We have made a list of five attractions that you must check out on the way.

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Route 66 was one of the most important stretches of road in American history. It has featured in innumerable songs and movies. If you happen to be a history buff, and if the idea of taking a stroll back to the 70s excites you, along this legendary ‘Main Street of America’ running through the heart of the country. We have made a list of five attractions that you must check out on the way.

Buckingham Fountain – Illinois

If you are beginning your trip on the eastern side, let this Chicago landmark be your starting point. The world’s largest fountain comes to life here after sundown, with beautiful lights and live music.

Chain of Rocks Bridge – Missouri

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 2006, this mile-long bridge is built at a height of 60 feet above the mighty Mississippi River. Linked to more than 300 miles of trails on both sides of the river, this bridge is also a part of the Route 66 bikeway.

Oklahoma Route 66 Museum – Oklahoma

The state of Oklahoma has the longest drivable stretch of Route 66. This 426 miles stretch is dotted with numerous museums and restaurants. The old-world road signs will transport you back to the 50’s America, to an era when the great American dream was taking shape. In addition to stealing a glimpse of vintage automobile models, you will also enjoy a brush with road construction basics as you pass through this stretch. Several interactive programs add to the attraction. Stop by one of the state’s legendary drive-in theaters and pick up some memorabilia – books, videos, toys and the likes, at the ‘Curio’ gift shop.

Route 66 Scenic Byway- New Mexico

While navigating the stretch, you will have to fiddle a lot with maps and road guides as it is full of turns and dead-ends that may leave you utterly confused. However, the ravishing beauty of the route pays for all your troubles relating to reading the maps and driving in the heat.

Petrified Forest National Park- Arizona

While the place might have a Harry Potter ring to it, the magic of this place is preserved in the fossils that you will find here. Stop by this forest which is home to some of the most incredible fossils that prove that the land had been inhabited by the natives around 1000 years ago.

Original McDonalds and Museum – California
At the end of the route, you will find the original McDonald’s Restaurant that started its journey as a barbeque restaurant back in the 1940’s. With a gigantic sign from the old McDonald’s, a giant hamburger, the statue of Ronald McDonald and Route 66 plaques, the restaurant-turned-museum proudly showcases the meteoric rise of one of America’s largest and oldest brands.

The US Route 66 is home to that we have read about many times in the books (or watched in the movies). Take up one of the world’s greatest road trips through the iconic Mother Road to feel the pulse of real America – then and now.

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