No matter how seasoned a driver you are, a crack in one of your RV windows is something that you can hardly avoid. You could have been driving too close to a tree with protruding branches while maneuvering the vehicle through a wooded area. Or maybe you parked your luxury rig in the backyard and you RV window became the poor victim of your kid’s baseball ‘skills.’However, when you are planning to sell your RV, a cracked window glass will reduce the selling price of your vehicle. So, here are a few before you put it up for sale:

Selling RV

Start by Removing the Interior Screws

Start by removing the interior screws and window frame. Make sure you have a family member or a friend outside the vehicle to hold the window so that it does not fall out. Ask the person outside to use a putty knife to force open the frame. It should be done carefully to break or segregate the seal between the window and the putty. Once the window breaks loose, you can remove it and keep it aside.

Clean the Window Opening

You will have to clean the window slot to prevent water leaking into the vehicle causing further damage. While installing a new window, seal it properly and get rid of the old putty for a perfect installation.

Seal Tightly Around the Window Slot

Install a new layer of putty around the window, and if your RV has a fiberglass siding with a smooth surface, you will just need to apply a single layer of butyl putty tape. But with an aluminum siding with a rough surface, two layers are essential for ensuring a tight and secure seal.

Install the New Window

Once you are through with the sealing, set up the new window into the slot and press it gently down the frame. While your helper holds the window from outside, you get inside the vehicle and secure the screws in the inner frame ring. It’s the inside ring that keeps the window in its right place. Tighten all the screws, but do not overdo it else the frame or one of the screws may snap. To ensure that there is no water leakage,apply some silicone on the top rim of the external window frame. Run it around the corner and along the sides about three to four inches.

Replacing a broken window with a new one all by yourself will save you the labor cost of a repair professional. With a new installation, it’s easy to attract buyers and sell your RV at a reasonable price. And if you right away.

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