So you have finally decided to to get a new one for your family? Well, congratulations! Tell us the condition of your used RV.

  • Well maintained interiors
  • Furniture all in good shape
  • Engine is working seamlessly
  • Kitchen appliances are fine

Looks like you have taken care of everything before selling it off!

Oh! How are the wheels? Have you checked it?


These four things in your vehicle experience the maximum wear and tear. You cannot just take off those four wheels from your RV and sell the vehicle to a buyer because the tires are not in good shape. So, here are the four things you need to check on your wheels.

Sidewall Weathering

If you find out cracks on the sides of tires, replace them immediately. This is the sign of wear and tear and it must not be overlooked. Sidewall weathering appears when RVs are stored for a long time or if they are too heavy. Also, if the RVs are used consistently in warmer climates, the extreme ozone level creates those cracks.

Aluminum Wheels

RV wheels can be made of a variety of material. Many RV-ers prefer to use aluminum for their wheel. It is lighter and stronger than steel. It is even easy to clean. So, if you are thinking of selling your RV, change to aluminum wheels and you can keep it shiny at the time of selling.

Spare Tire

Whether you want to hand over your spare tire to the buyer or not, it is totally your call. But if you are looking for a good deal, a spare tire can bring you one. Do not compromise with the quality of the tire. Be careful of what you offer!

Storage Stress

If your RV is not in use for more than six months, it is time to take that vehicle out. Getting a good price for your used RV is possible only when it is in good shape. So, drive it occasionally, rotate the tires to prevent wear and tear.

The wheels of your RV are vital. Check them frequently and take all the necessary steps to keep them in the best form. These small things can help you .

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