Planning to sell your used RV to make some cool bucks? But then, does your home-on-wheels have comfortable bedding to attract buyers and ensure them a good night’s sleep? RV beds converted from old couches may not give your customers the amount of comfort and coziness they are looking for. Do not worry. Here are some useful tips to add more comfort and luxury to your RV bed:

Opt for an Air Mattress

Most motor home buyers prefer an air mattress because it can be adjusted according to the level of firmness an RV-er would love when sleeping on a mattress. Look for manufacturers who design beddings and mattresses specially meant for recreational vehicles. You can get RV mattresses at around $220 or $280 from online stores selling motor beddings and accessories.

Add Padding to the Mattress

The old rig couch cushions you’ve been using may feel too hard for your customer. Padding your mattress is a smart and economical way to add more comfort to your RV bedding. Look for mattress pads which are thick enough to provide extra repose and relaxation, but thin enough to offer ample head space in cramped RV corners. You’ll get quality mattress pads at an affordable price of $45 to $52. They can even be folded into your couch when the bedding is not in use.

Invest in Pillows and Comforters

A prospective RV buyer would like to add a bit of his home when hitting the roads. Make your motor home bed cozier with comfy pillows, comforters and blankets, when a customer visits in person for an inspection of your home-on-wheels. These little additions may seem a little inconvenient, but are worth the investment. A buyer will appreciate your effort and may even agree to offer a good price for your used vehicle. Adding a few plush pillows and comforters will not only improve the overall sleeping experience, but will also brighten up your RV’s ambiance.

Make your RV bed more comfortable to persuade your customers sign the final deal. Introduce these little adjustments to .

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