After months-long winter, summer comes with its longer days, blue sky and a lot of sunshine. This is the time to get outdoors and hit the open roads. No wonder, the RV sale spikes up around this period of the year. If you want to take advantage of this sudden surge, make a few small investments. Although inexpensive, they will considerably improve your RV’s appeal. For example, by tinting your RV windows, you can significantly improve its resale value. Here is how darkening your RV windows can help you speed up your sale:

Cool and Comfy Interior

What do your buyers want from their mobile homes? Utmost comfort. And tinted window glass can maximize their comfort level when they are driving down the highways under the blazing sun. Who does not love the sunshine, but too much of it undoubtedly becomes annoying. The tinted windows help keep the inside of your RV soothing. So, the buyers will really appreciate it if they find that your rig already boasts this super-comfy feature.

Energy Efficiency

One downside of summer traveling is that you will have to run your air conditioning system at its peak capacity almost 24X7. This translates into massive fuel consumption. But when you have tinting on all the windows, it will keep the interior cooler by several degrees. And what does that mean? The AC won’t have to work that hard, ultimately translating into a lot of cost saving. When showing your rig to your prospects, point out this benefit to them.

Protection for the Interior Items

Big glass windows are a welcome feature for any RV as they allow you to enjoy the outside view more vividly. However, at the same time, they are a great source of light and heat. This direct exposure is an enemy of your interior upholsteries and furniture. Sun damage may take various forms like fading and cracking. The gradual decay may necessitate costly repairs. When they buy a rig with tinted glasses, buyers can rest assured that they will not have to bear such expenses very soon.

Health Benefits of the Occupants

Longtime sun exposure can create a lot of health issues including skin cancer. High-quality tints help block 99 percent of the UV rays from entering your rig.

Tinting the window glasses is a small yet useful way to increase your rig’s appeal by a few notches. You can darken the window glasses of your motor home, no matter which type of RV you have. If you are looking for ways to get instant cash against your RV, contact us right away.

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