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Selling your used RV is not like selling any household stuff. First of all, you must prep up your rig for a sales presentation. Face it: it involves a little hard work. And before starting the job, think what a prospective buyer wants from your rig – with modern entertainment systems, furniture, gadgets, and appliances. So, you may have to spend hours in tidying, organizing, and cleaning. Here are three tips to take the pain out of your job:

Sell your RV

1. Clean it up for Sale

You stage your house when you plan to sell it, right? The same rule holds true when selling your RV. Give your vehicle a deep clean to give it a showroom-like shine. Ensure that all the television and other furniture are intact and in the best condition. And in case you are not willing to include your camping furniture in the deal, remove them before buyers visit for a personal inspection. Do not let them think that you are giving these items free.

2. Fix Damaged Appliances

Be it a crockpot, mini fridge, or bathroom towel rack, fix them if they are damaged or broken. Otherwise, a potential customer may request you to reduce the selling price of your used RV. Today, customers come informed, and so do not assume that they will not inspect the appliances. Therefore, be honest and inform buyers about any problems before they find them out. If the repair costs are insignificant, you can ignore. Else, include them in the asking price.

3. Create the Ad and Set the Correct Price

Highlight the best features of your RV ad. Write short, simple descriptions of the upgrades you have made and take high-resolution photographs. You must decide on a fair market price that seems fine for both you and the buyer. Refer to the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) and the RV Blue Book to get the hang of what your vehicle type costs in the market. Set a price on the lower averages to attract the maximum numbers of buyers.

Selling your RV takes effort and time, but there is no reason that you cannot trade it off. Make the vehicle presentable and sell at the right time to clinch the best deal. if you want to sell it for some quick cash on the spot.

When you have finally made up your mind to part with your dated rig, you must understand what your buyer needs that make RV-ing more comfortable. Even simple add-ons like a USB wall charger, a wall-mounted toothbrush holder or a travel-tracker map can help you up your RV’s comfort quotient by a few notches. Want to know about more drool-worthy access? Well, before you hit the market for selling your RV for cash, with these three items:

Sell your RV

1. Smash-proof Wine Glasses

What is RV-ing without sipping from a glass of favorite Cabernet Sauvignon while watching the sunset by the lake or savoring some succulent pork chops? Therefore, if you want to make your buyers fantasize about a lifestyle as magnificent as this, put a set of break-proof wine glasses on display. Once you walk a prospective customer in your RV, tell him or her about these little additions. Tell them that they do not need to worry about bracing the glasses when they are on their next camping destination or risk the crashing of glass on the floor accidentally. Smash-proof wine glasses make RV-ing convenient without having to worry about any damages to them.

2. A Set of Ovenware

The ability to cook on the go is one of the boons of vacationing in an RV. Adding a set of compact ovenware such as baking dishes, cookie sheets, roasting pans, pizza stones and more will easily pique your prospects’ interest in your unit. These products will cost you very little — not more than $25. While showing the kitchen to your prospects, tell them how these utensils will enable them to toss up freshly cooked mouthwatering treats on the go.

3. Mountable Rack Organizers

If your RV kitchen cabinets have limited space, you can install mountable spice rack organizers for more room. Explain to your buyers, how the unit will come to their help in storing all the jars without seeing them rolling over inside the cabinet or reorganizing them repeatedly while traveling.

If you are selling your RV on your own, you need to spice up the deal by adding something extra to offer more value for your customer’s money. And in case you need some help to sell your RV quickly, we will help you clinch the best deal in no time. .

How to sell your RV

What is the secret to getting your RV sold quickly? Connect to the right audience. In the digital era, apps can help you do just that. They enable you to leverage the power of the Internet for reaching out to thousands of buyers at once. This article discusses five user-friendly Android apps that will help you . Disclaimer: It’s a random selection.

Sell your RV


When you are talking about apps, you cannot just omit eBay from your list. Not only does the site cover a vast international market, but it also gives buyers a unique search experience with a variety of filters. For sellers, it makes the sales process extremely hassle-free by facilitating bidding, tracking views, and real-time chatting.


If you take pride in the flawless maintenance history of your rig, use this app to find buyers who are looking for well-maintained used units. The USP of this app is that it generates a car’s history report automatically. This way, one can avoid the risk of buying a lemon. All that buyers need to do for obtaining a vehicle history report is enter the VIN of the RV they are considering. The site has a tie-up with over 28,000 dealers across the USA.

Auto Trader

In this fast-paced world, people look for a quick and easy way to sell their vehicles. This quickly-loading app lets sellers list and buyers view the used RVs without any hassles. It is an excellent platform for both dealers and private sellers.


cPro is known for its user-friendly features like calls, text, and emails that allows for direct communication between buyers and sellers. Each post attaches QR Codes besides maps and directions for interested buyers.


For those seeking a no-nonsense deal, this is the ideal app for you. This often-updated app offers sellers a marketplace for selling pre-owned rigs at a ‘certified’ price along with service plans and warranties.

Although not an app, it is still something that you should consider for selling your used RV at a fair price and minus all the hassles— Sell RV Now. We offer years of RV selling experience and are happy to have thousands of happy customers on our list. Do .

Are you thinking about putting your RV on the market soon? The first thing you need to do is focus on improving its curb appeal. Why does it matter? It makes your rolling home look desirable and encourages your buyer to take a second look at what your coach has to offer. The more attractive it looks from the outside, the better it is. An inviting exterior often helps to . There are a lot of things you can do to improve the look and feel of your RV. Besides the obvious power-cleaning, invest your time in thoroughly scrutinizing every aspect of your RV’s exterior. Here are the four areas to focus on:

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Exterior Paint

Age and extended use may give an RV a sorry look. You can give it a new lease of life with a fresh coat of paint. Sometimes, even after taking proper care, some of your RV’s body parts rust. Not only will painting help hide all rust marks, but will also weatherproof your vehicle, preventing it from getting further damages.

Problem Areas

How would you feel if after climbing up a few broken steps, you come face to face with a door that is shabby, has crumbling paints, wobbly doorknob, and cracks? It is likely that you will readily infer that it is an ill-maintained rig. And this is one thing that buyers dislike the most because after purchasing an item as expensive as a motor home, they would not want to be bothered by these petty problems. Therefore, correct any such issues before listing your unit on an RV selling site.

Tire Condition

RV Tires are expensive. So, one of the first things buyers would inspect are the tires. Deflated tires might be a sign of replacement, and that might cause the deal to go sour. If your tires are worn, change them; it will help it sell. Otherwise, keep them properly inflated to allay your customers’ fear that they might need to purchase a new set of tires very soon.

Outside Lighting

If you are showing the RV after sundown, keep your rig illuminated. Make sure that all the decorative lights as well as the head, the brake, and the tail lights are in perfect working condition. It won’t take much time or money to change the non-working light. On the other hand, the radiance would create a fairytale-like ambiance, helping enhance its curb appeal by several notches.

To stimulate a buyer’s interest in your rig, take an objective look at the unit and make sure that it is at its best when customers come for an inspection. We have already told you about four areas that demand your attention. If you need further assistance, .

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First-time RV-ers make up a sizeable portion of the used RV buying market. If you are planning to sell your RV for cash, it is a good idea to keep their needs in mind. Following are the to make it more appealing to RV-ers in the making:

RV Selling

1. Leveling Blocks

Leveling blocks ensure sound sleep inside an RV. Without this item, sleeping or resting on a slanted surface is extremely uncomfortable. Besides, leveling is also essential to keep the RV refrigerator up and running because operating it on an uneven surface could lead to mechanical issues.

2. Handy Hosepipe

RV drinking water must be clean, hygienic, safe, and odor-free. Therefore, connect the fresh water tank to a portable hosepipe to prevent unpleasant or funny smells in the drinking water. Do not assume that your buyers will not test the RV water system and its accessories. If they find that the water tastes bad or has a strange odor due to an old or dirty pipe, you may lose a potential sales opportunity.

3. Brass Y Valve

Most of the popular camping grounds have water hookups, but they come with a single spigot. By adding a brass Y valve to your rig, you will make a buyer’s RV-ing experience a tad convenient. That is because you never know when your customer will need an additional water connection for daily chores or fun.

4. First-Aid Box

When traveling in a motor home, a customer must be prepared for the unexpected. Minor cuts or wounds are common due to a misstep on a challenging hiking trail. Therefore, include an emergency kit stocked with antiseptic lotions, medicines, bandages, creams, and ointments. Your customer will appreciate your thoughtful gesture.

5. Small Dehumidifier

RVs have limited space and even taking a bath can lead to humidity issues. However, when you have a dehumidifier in place, you can easily deal with the problem. Install a portable one that you can move when necessary. You can even place the dehumidifier in your RV kitchen to keep the air dry and fresh.

Selling a used RV is an art, and one of its essential aspects is impressing prospective buyers. The tips suggested above do not involve investing a lot of your time and money, but they can go a long way in helping your motor home stand out from the crowd. We can help you too. In case you want to sell your RV for cash at a fair market price, .

A damaged, mold-infested RV wood floor or unsightly dark spots on it are something that you must not ignore when selling your RV. The ugly stains mean that your dated motor home has significant roof leakage or plumbing issues. Therefore, a DIY repair job is what you should focus on before putting your rig for sale. Here are some essential steps to before selling it off:

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Determine the Extent of Damage

Before you start with the repair job, figure out how badly the floor is damaged. If the dark spots or mold development is limited to just one section, consider yourself lucky because it would take less time and effort.

Take out the Damaged Parts and Dry off the Wooden Framing

When you know where precisely the floor is damaged, take away the decomposed wood and the vinyl floor cover. Once you are through with this task, allow the wood framing to dry for about a week.

Use a Disinfectant Solution to Remove the Mold

Get rid of the mold with a disinfectant spray. Choose a quality product from an RV supply store near you. Let the mold remover used on the floor dry for some time. You can opt for a borax solution for killing any lingering mold. It works very well but is a little expensive than the ordinary items available in the market.

Use Mild Epoxy Resin to Seal the Damaged Wood

Mix epoxy resin with a hardener to seal the area that is damaged due to water leakage. It will help in strengthening the decomposed wood and prevent further mold development on the surface. If you need to cover a larger area with epoxy, you should use thinning agents like acetone or xylene. Since epoxy fumes are toxic, mix the product in a well-ventilated place. Make sure that you wear a respirator and disposable gloves while working.

Add a New Wooden Floor or Frame

The resin will take a few days to cure. During that time, add new wood to make the sub-floor stronger. If you have removed the damaged parts, you will need to add cross-supports and apply another coating of epoxy onto the new wood floor and allow some time to cure. Once the epoxy has dried out, add insulation to the wooden floor and cover the same with a plywood sheet. Add epoxy again and let it dry. Seal all of the exposed wood and take pieces of vinyl to cover the sub-floor. The entire task may take a little time, but you can complete this DIY job in just $200 or even less.

Keep your RV floor free from damage before selling your RV. Our team will assist you to sell your rig at a fair market price once you prep it up. If you want some other assistance regarding the selling part, .

No matter what type of rig you own, mobile homes do not have much bathroom space to spare. And, it can be a problem when you have decided to sell your RV. When a prospective customer visits you for a personal inspection of the vehicle, he or she is sure to ask you about bathroom space. An RV, new or used, is just like your house, and so it is natural for buyers to look for all the comfort they enjoy at home. Therefore, . To make your job easy, here are three tips to organize your RV bathroom space before you put the vehicle up for sale:

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1. Hang Baskets on the Unused Wall

Most mobile homes have some wasted space over the toilet. Make smart use of the unused wall by hanging four or five baskets to store more towels, toilet paper, combs, hairbrushes, hair gels, and more.

2. Install Soap Dispensers

To make more room in your RV bathroom, install a few wall-mounted soap dispensers to get rid of too many bottles of shampoos, shower gels, and conditioners. It is a great value addition to your motor home. Soap dispensers are easy to use and will do away with problems like broken caps and tipped-over shampoo bottles. You will get these bathroom accessories at just $20 from any reputed online stores.

3. Use an Elastic Band

Body lotions, ointments, and creams, if left in the medicine cabinet, will look completely untidy, mixed-up, and disorganized. You can render a neat look to your RV bathroom by stapling a good-quality elastic band around the jars of creams or ointments. It will hold all the items in place.

These are just a few innovative storage ideas to make your RV bathroom look neat, spacious, and organized. Remember, when you are planning to sell your RV for cash, you must make it look presentable. So, go the extra mile and make these small changes to make your rig more attractive to potential buyers. .