Even a decade ago, when it came to adding extra accessories to an RV, people used to think of comfort, the convenience of driving, and safety. As a result, items like power steering and power brakes, automatic transmission, cruise control, and air conditioning, topped their buying lists. For people of colder regions, the wish-list included things like engine heater and window defoggers. Although these items have not lost their attraction altogether, today’s tech-savvy consumers have a real hankering for hi-fi accessories. Thus, they are no longer happy with the regular air conditioning system; they ask for temperature-controlled air-conditioned leather seats. Instead of plain audio systems, they crave for an infotainment system that includes everything from satellite radio to DVD-drives. In addition, in-vehicle Bluetooth, backup cameras, intelligent keys and other technologies are making their way into today’s motor homes. All these are luxury items that are designed to make your experience in your rig not only convenient but more fun. But not all of these items have the ability to increase your rig’s resale value. Some of them might diminish your rig’s value, making it harder to sell. So, if you are planning to sell your RV, you should be able to tell the good investments from the bad ones. Here is a quick list:

Items that Enhance Value

Rims or custom wheels are desirable aftermarket upgrades that can add serious value to your RV. You buyers will like them because they ease the handling of the RV and impact its performance positively.

Mobile electronics such as in-car DVD infotainment systems and satellite radio can give you a good return on investment as these items are free from any element of over personalization.

Portable, stick-on GPS navigation systems are also very popular among today’s consumers as they are very flexible and can be used interchangeably for any other vehicle such as a family car. Most of the products come complete with Bluetooth connectivity that makes them a coveted item in states like California, where the law requires the use of a hands-free device when making a telephone call.

Intelligent keys also make a good investment as they will save your buyers from struggling with manual ignition.

Fog and tail lights, window tinting with permissible shades, and appropriate furnishing are some of the items that will raise your rig’s resale value by a few notches.

Items that Weaken the Value

If you tend to over- personalize your wheeled home, you will run the risk of constricting your clientele. After all, you cannot expect to find too many people who will share the taste exactly same as yours. For example, super-chic accessories like a kicker-box stereo system with rattling bass sound or a scissor- style door a la Lamborghini will not do anything to get you some real Blue-Book value. Modifications like lowering suspension are also bad investments as savvy consumers would not take such rigs because such modifications make the manufacturer’s warranty void. The list of inappropriate investments also includes features such as vibrant colored interior, flashy exterior paint, sun or moon roof installations and window tinting with unapproved shades.

Not all investments are necessarily good. If an RV resale is in your mind, think twice before buying an accessory on whims. If you want to sell your RV fast and get instant cash, contact us here.

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