Selling Your RV fast.

Since an RV is a home on wheels, the same principals of staging a brick-and-mortar home for sale apply. Staging is the term used for putting your RV in the best light for brokers like Sell RV Now, and making its homelike atmosphere even more inviting. Here are the elements we have found result in the fastest sale:

First and foremost, make sure the exterior is clean and in good repair. This is the curb appeal equivalent of your home away from home, and if it’s not inviting on the outside it will be hard to lure people in to take a tour.

Attend to any outstanding repair issues and double check the RV’s mechanical soundness. Fixer-uppers simply aren’t acceptable for a vehicle that will carry one’s family. Also make sure the kitchen is fully functional and all of the appliance work properly. Check connections between internal and external fixtures, such as the sewer line, water line, gas line, and other fittings, for any sign of damage or dysfunction.

Decorate the interior as you would a small apartment. Keep it simple so it will appeal to a wide variety of tastes, and eliminate the clutter. A big part of the overall aura of your RV is that it’s pristine—be sure to clean each and every nook and cranny very well, as even the smallest amount of dirt, grime or debris can make the entire interior look terrible.

If you don’t have them in place already, upgrade some of your storage spaces, like hooks for dog leashes and keys near the door, an over-the-shower door robe rack, and inventive uses of kitchen storage. A well-thought-out use of space makes your RV even more irresistible, and are some of the little touches we look favorably upon when pricing your RV.

Once she’s at her most beautiful, give us a call and we’ll make a fair offer. If accepted, we’ll pay you quickly.

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