How many times has your sleep been disrupted by someone switching on the lights abruptly? Even night lights are sometimes too harsh on the eyes. It doesn’t help that when you’re sleeping inside an RV, the light seems a lot more intense due to the limited space. Do you want RV buyers to go through the same predicament? Of course not! But what can you do about it? Well, there’s one simple (and inexpensive) solution available – blue LED lighting. These have become quite popular, especially for bedroom and bathroom areas, and with good reason. Blue night lights are a perfect addition to your RV. Here is how to go about it:

Pairing the LED Circuits

The circuit for adding blue LED night lights in your RV is simple. When wiring the LEDs, just remember they’re polarity sensitive. The long lead connects to the positive side while the short lead connects to the negative. While wiring the LEDs in series, make sure the negative side of the first LED is connected to the second LED’s positive side, while the second LED’s negative side attaches to the third LED’s positive side, and so on. Polarity has no effect on the resistor, and so you can place it in series anywhere along the LED “string.” The most convenient position, however, is the center.

Picking Out the Lights

A four-and-a-half inch diameter surface-mounted puck light should suffice, but the size of the lights is entirely at your discretion. Just be certain that the lights you pick have an on/off switch. If you’re unable to find this sort of blue light, a dedicated blue light for the bedroom ceiling is a good alternative. But, the installation will require you to wire in a different wall switch or opt for a battery-powered light.

Once you’re done replacing your existing night lights with the blue ones, it’s time to put your vehicle up for sale. Although it is nothing major, many buyers will be impressed by your attention to details. We can also help you secure lucrative deals for your RV. Simply get in touch with us here.

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