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You’ve always prided yourself on taking the best care of your RV. Now that it’s finally time to sell your vehicle, you’re certain that customers will have no reason to complain. But you forget one important detail – RV buyers are a savvy, informed lot, and the slightest thing may put them off. Let’s take your RV seats, for example. They might have held up fine all these years, but with age, they’ve begun to break down from the exposure to harsh sunlight and got unattractive due to dirt, and spills. As a result, not only do your seats appear dull, but they feel uncomfortable as well. And that is a problem when you’re driving for long hours. Thankfully, a simple solution is available in the form of .

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Benefits of RV Seat Covers

Seat covers protect your RV seats from the ravages of time. Available in different designs and textures, they can be used to jazz up your motor home interiors. Plus, they are a great way to cover up any existing damage on your RV seats. Also, the seat covers are available in a wide range of materials, from leather to sheepskin, canvas to plastic. With so many options, you can always pick an option that complements your motor home decor.

Finding the Right Covers for Your Vehicle

Since you’ll be selling your rig, you should focus on finding prodcts that are affordable, yet boast of high quality. Consider every option at your disposal.

• Check out the products available for sale in RV stores.
• You will find lots of suggestions and reviews online. Go through them to locate a product that you think meets your requirements.
• RV forums connect you with other RV owners so you can ask them what sort of seat covers they use in their rig.
• Do not neglect factors like durability, affordability, and comfort.
• Once you find a good seat cover, make sure that the measurements fit the RV seats. Otherwise, you’ll be unnecessarily spending money on ill-fitted covers.

Cleaning RV seats takes a lot of time and can become quite complicated since there are a lot of different parts, and you might have to use various cleaning items to get the grime and dirt out. It’s easier to slip on an RV seat cover that hides all the flaws and protects the chairs from further wear and tear. This small investment should help you attract buyers but if you require additional help, .

Rubber roofs have long been a staple in recreational vehicles. The manufacturers prefer a material that is lightweight and flexible, and rubber fits the bill perfectly. The best part is, without sustaining any wear and tear if it is properly maintained. But trouble starts when you hit a sharp object like a tree branch, and it rips a hole in your rubber roof. If you were planning on selling your vehicle, a damaged rubber roof is a deal-breaker. So, you need to fix the problem immediately.

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Locate the Damaged Section

Before you begin the repairs, check the surface of your roof to better understand where the problem is and how you can proceed with the patch. Walk along the roofline and lay some light wood material like plywood along the seams. Walking over wooden boards on the roof distributes your weight evenly across the RV roof rafters and the boards.

Handle Minor Leaks

If the damage to the roof is minor, use rubber roof coating to seal over the leak. However, before applying the substance, clean the area carefully. Then take a paint brush and paint on top of the leaky portion.

Use the Right Tools

Want to permanently seal the hole without having to replace the entire RV rubber roof? Check out sealing materials like EternaBond. Available in patch or tape form, this product is perfect for repairing roof tears of various sizes.

Duct tape might serve as a temporary solution, but you need to repair your rubber roof if you want to sell your RV. It’s a simple task, and you should be able to complete it yourself without any professional assistance. Once you’re done, put the motor home up for sale. And .

An indecisive buyer is a waste of time. So, whenever you notice indecision in your customers’ tone, be on your guard. Instead of using an aggressive sales pitch, play the psychology card by emphasizing the host of benefits they might gain by RV-ing. Here are the :

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Let Your Kids Learn From Mother Nature

Travel and education are inseparable. Best lessons are taught under the sky, in the lap of nature. While RV-ing with your kids, you can offer them hands-on lessons on everything from Biology to History and from Geography to Math.

Grow Your Friend List as You Move

Friendship is a blessing, and each RV vacation earns you a batch of new friends. You become a part of a vibrant and ever-growing community. Interacting with fellow RV-ers is not only an enriching experience, but it also helps you evolve your perspective on life.

Take Gastronomic Pleasure to a New Height

Great food is a significant part of an unforgettable vacation. Complete with a microwave and a refrigerator, an RV lets you enjoy great food on-the-go. If you or any of your family members are on a special diet, RVs ensure that there is no disruption to your eating habit. Traveling by RVs allow you to enjoy feasting under the starry sky with the dinner becoming an adventure of its own.

Learn to Live on Less

RVs teach you the joy of frugal living. An RV lifestyle helps you learn how to derive pleasure from the small things. Life on the road is a great way to understand that luxury has nothing to do with happiness.

Leave Stress Behind

Living on the open road will make you forget the stress of a high-paced urban lifestyle. Living in the proximity of nature will divert your mind from the mundane narrowness. Watching life from the ground level will open up your mind to the higher truth.

The benefits mentioned above will surely help your buyers overcome their indecision. Now that you know the secret of handling indecisive buyers, go ahead with confidence. In case you need further assistance, we are always here to help. .

When you are planning to sell your RV for cash, you must ensure that buyers enjoy all the creature comforts they usually find at home. From a portable grill to a mini coffee machine to a simple juice maker, you can that will make your customer feel at home. However, before investing in any of these devices, ascertain whether they offer some demonstrative value or not.Therefore, if you are not sure which appliances to choose from, here are three top recommendations from us:

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1. Mini Food Processor

Choose a portable food processor that takes little space and processes food quickly. Go for something versatile that works as a blender, chopper, and a processor. When you have added this item to your RV kitchen, tell your customers that they can chop onions without shedding tears, prepare their favorite smoothies in a jiffy, or whip up a mouth-watering dip to savor with their family and friends when traveling in an RV. Not to worry about the cost as this appliance is reasonably priced.

2. Slow Cooker

What’s the best thing to happen when you return to your RV after a day of hiking, biking, and kayaking? A delicious dinner waiting for you. A slow cooker makes that possible. Tell your customers that all they have to do is put all the ingredients in the cooker, press a button, and leave.They can enjoy their time outdoors while the cooker does its job.

3. Ceramic Coffee Filter

If you have a conventional French-press that makes cleaning a cumbersome task, replace the same with a ceramic coffee filter to impress your buyers. Your customers will love it as the beverage will taste too good without getting sludgy at the bottom of the mug. The clean-up is also super easy with the disposable filters.

Selling an RV on your own often needs you to add something extra to sweeten the deal. If you find it too much of a hassle . We can help you sell your motor home online and get instant cash.

How many times has your sleep been disrupted by someone switching on the lights abruptly? Even night lights are sometimes too harsh on the eyes. It doesn’t help that when you’re sleeping inside an RV, the light seems a lot more intense due to the limited space. Do you want to go through the same predicament? Of course not! But what can you do about it? Well, there’s one simple (and inexpensive) solution available – blue LED lighting. These have become quite popular, especially for bedroom and bathroom areas, and with good reason. Blue night lights are a perfect addition to your RV. Here is how to go about it:

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Pairing the LED Circuits

The circuit for adding blue LED night lights in your RV is simple. When wiring the LEDs, just remember they’re polarity sensitive. The long lead connects to the positive side while the short lead connects to the negative. While wiring the LEDs in series, make sure the negative side of the first LED is connected to the second LED’s positive side, while the second LED’s negative side attaches to the third LED’s positive side, and so on. Polarity has no effect on the resistor, and so you can place it in series anywhere along the LED “string.” The most convenient position, however, is the center.

Picking Out the Lights

A four-and-a-half inch diameter surface-mounted puck light should suffice, but the size of the lights is entirely at your discretion. Just be certain that the lights you pick have an on/off switch. If you’re unable to find this sort of blue light, a dedicated blue light for the bedroom ceiling is a good alternative. But, the installation will require you to wire in a different wall switch or opt for a battery-powered light.

Once you’re done replacing your existing night lights with the blue ones, it’s time to put your vehicle up for sale. Although it is nothing major, many buyers will be impressed by your attention to details. We can also help you secure lucrative deals for your RV. .

You’re retiring from the life of a full-time RV-er, and you’re wondering what to do about the vehicle. The best option is to sell it off. Sure, you have a lot of fond travel memories associated with the motor home, but instead of letting it sit in one place and gather dust, isn’t it better if you sell it off so that someone else can realize their love for the outdoors? But simply putting your RV online doesn’t guarantee a sale. You’ve got to make the buyers come to you and to do that your RV needs to be in tip-top shape.

Now, take a look around. Your RV seems to be in good condition except for a certain patch on the back end of the roof. The section appears to be rotten, and it must have happened because of the accumulation of rainwater. This makes it more prone to leaks and abrasion, and if you do not seal the hole immediately, snow and rain may enter your vehicle. The sealing process is quite simple, and here’s how you do it:

Gaining Access to the Affected Area

Find the affected portion of the roof and use your hands to remove the ceiling panels. You should be able to see the rotten plywood underneath clearly. Removing these with a crowbar should be fairly simple.

Fixing the Problem

Measure the length and width of the section from where you removed the plywood. Cut a new piece of plywood and attach it to the affected area. Fasten this part with stainless steel nails and reinforce it with sealing caulk. A caulk gun provides a simple and efficient method for spreading a thin layer of caulk on top of each nail. Give the caulk enough drying time.

All that’s left to do is reinstall the RV ceiling panels.

A rotten roof does not only have an unsightly appearance but also presents a health hazard. You can be certain that potential customers will not buy your RV as long as the roof is in a state of disrepair. Put your motor home up for sale once the roof is fixed. If you require any help in selling your RV, .

If you have finally decided to bid your old travel buddy goodbye, spend some time to get it sale-ready. There is no need to go for a complete overhaul; just a few low-cost upgrades can give your home-on-wheels an instant facelift. Here are five brilliant ideas you should try:

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Extra Shelves

Even if your rig has a lot of cabinet space, you can still add more storage in the form of shelves. For example, your rig must have some space above the bed or window. Utilize this area by installing a handmade shelf. How to make it? Easy. Grab a few pieces of leftover plywood – you can find them in your local carpentry – and a couple of robust steel or copper bars. Screw-fix the wooden shelves on the spare walls and create a fence in the front with the rod. This simple trick is meant to hold your books (or other stuff) in place when the RV is on the move. Install as many of the shelves as the space permits – your buyers would love the idea.

Organization Stations

Small details can go a long way to impress your buyers. For example, a few organization stations installed throughout the RV can easily make your customers fall in love with your rig, especially if they like their things to be in order.

Ceiling With A New Look

Instead of investing in a lot of time and energy to paint the ceiling, simply cover it with a new wallpaper. Choose solid-colored wallpaper in bright hues. This will add depth and brightness to your rig’s interior.

Mirror Installation

Mirrors are inexpensive, but they can do wonders in adding space and personality to your mobile home. You can install them anywhere. Regardless of its location, a mirror can add to the charm by creating a great illusion of space.

Flooring Innovation

Let the old shabby tiles go; introduce vinyl plank flooring, instead. These affordable yet aesthetically pleasing flooring solutions will completely transform the look and feel of your old rig without breaking your bank. If you don’t have the time to change flooring for the entire RV, use vibrant rugs for other spaces, especially the kitchen areas.

While prepping your RV for a sales presentation, remember that what your buyers appreciate the most in a mobile home is a neat and clean and well-organized interior. Follow our tips to achieve just that. If you need further assistance in selling your home or need to sell your RV for instant cash, contact us here.

Have you finally decided to sell off your RV?If so, chances are you have already invested a lot of your time and energy to get your rig show-ready. You might have decluttered it, and even upgraded some parts of your RV to . However, are you sure your buyers will find the rig agreeable? You need to rethink because certain aspects, like your prospective buyer’s taste and preferences, are not within your control. There may be a few things within your RV that your buyer might feel ‘offensive’ or ‘distasteful.’ If you need to sell your RV now, focus on removing the following few things that may not appeal to your buyers:

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You may find your rabbitto be the cutest creature in this world, but your buyer may not find him sweet at all! Don’t be too surprised or hurt, because there are many people who do not love pets. When such a buyer comes to visit your rig only to be chased around by an unfriendly pet, you cannot expect to make a good impression. To be on the safe side, remove your pet from your rig before the buyers start coming in.

Politically Obsessive Displays

Just step into the shoes of a buyer for once and imagine visiting an RV for sale that flaunts a huge sign that represents your favored political party on its body. Such naked display of one’s political orientation is plain tasteless. You do not know your buyer and he or she may have different views than you. Your political views may be dear to your heart, but chancesare they will put off your prospects and may even scare them away. It is best that such displays are best avoided.

Locked Spaces and Mysterious Objects

When buyers come to survey your motor home, they want to take a tour of the whole rig, not just parts of it. Therefore, if you refuse to show some parts of your motor home, for example, your master bedroom, that may offend your buyers. Worse still, they may consider your act as an attempt to hide something. It makes them suspicious. This can be a big turnoff. Out of place objects can trigger a similar reaction, so remove any odd (or exotic) items before the presentation.

Drugs and Alcohol

Did you know that a lingering odor of drugs and alcohol may deter buyers?How do you think your prospects will react when they walk in and smell cigarette smoke or see empty whiskey bottles lining up the kitchen cabinet in your rig? You can never be sure of it, so it is best to ensure that there is no sign of these things. Now that you know the things that might offend your buyers, be sure to keep these things away from the rig during the presentation. If you need any other , contact us right away.

Whether you buy a new RV or a used one, you will most definitely want to add your personal touch to anything left bare, like the walls, shelves and other nooks and corners. Before indulging in the , you must keep one thing in mind — an RV is not stationary. It will motor down the highway, turn corners and stop on sudden occasions. It won’t be pleasant to watch paintings and pictures jump off the RV wall or dive off from the display case. So what can you do to prevent the pictures hanging on the RV wall from falling off their place?

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Two Tips for Hanging Pictures on Your RV Walls

While there are a number of ways to hang framed pictures securely on RV walls, the following two semi-permanent ways work best:

1. Use Screws

Using screws to attach the pictures directly to the RV walls is perhaps the most secure method. If you shop carefully, you can find screws that are neat and have small heads and will nicely blend with the RV interiors. You have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Pre-drill holes in the corners of the picture frame to ensure the glass does not crack. When you screw the picture frame on the wall, the screws will secure into a stud or a solid structure behind the wall board.
  • If you do not find a solid structure behind the wall where you want to hang the picture, locate the wall stud. Then drill holes in the frame after marking where the stud will pass. One hole should be at the top, and the other should be at the bottom of the frame.

2. Use Velcro

This is the next most recommended way to attach a picture to an RV wall. It comes with an added advantage of being able to change the photo effortlessly. You should use Velcro in a way that allows the picture to rest flatly on the wall. Just follow these steps:

  • After hanging the picture, attach a few strips of Velcro to the back of the picture. The corresponding part should be attached to the wall.
  • Use peel-and-stick Velcro to make the process more efficient.

Your rig is also your home, just a moving one. So, decorate it the way you would decorate the living space of your home. Adding your personal touch to the interior of your RV will make you feel more at home while traveling. Once you are ready to bid it goodbye, contact us and we will help you sell it fast and for a fair price.

Do you know what is often missing from RV-ing? The R factor. In other words, recreation. It is sadbut true that in most cases there’s very little recreation going on unless you count driving from one location to another as entertainment. Most RV sellers forget that are interested in a motor home due to a sense of adventure and excitement. If they have to spend hours cooped up in an enclosed space without any entertainment options, it could take a toll on their patience and make them irritable by the time they reach their destination. The solution? Board games. This might be the last thing that comes to your mind, but the results are surprising. Throw in a few board games when trying to sell your RV to sweeten the pot. So what are a few good games? Read on to find that out.

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Scrabble is a classic game that is both fun and educational. The game needs a minimum of two players. If there are more than four people, you may form teams. Players win by creating high scoring words using seven tiles that they draw at random. The enduring popularity of scrabble showcases just how entertaining this game is and it can keep RV-ers occupied for hours.


Uno is a colorful and exciting game that can appeal to both adults as well as kids. This means that the entire family can play together while traveling in an RV, ensuring hours of fun. This game is very easy to learn since it consists mainly of going around the table and placing cards of the same number or color onto the discard pile.


Monopoly is a complex game that allows players to experience the thrill of owning property and collecting rent as well as the despair of going to jail and losing all the money. A great time-killer, you won’t even notice how long the drive is.


For fans of murder mysteries, Clue is a treat. This game allows you to become a character and collect clues. You have to ask questions to solve the murder. Promoting logical thinking and relying on memory skills, this game is fun with a capital F.

Board games are easy to set up and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of locating an electricity source for powering them on like video game consoles or charging them like smart phones. Plus, the old school charm is hard to beat and your buyers are sure to love this added touch to the RV deal. So, invest just a little bit of money and get some great games for the family. Once you’re ready to , let us know and we can assist you with the process.