So you have finally decided to to get a new one for your family? Well, congratulations! Tell us the condition of your used RV.

  • Well maintained interiors
  • Furniture all in good shape
  • Engine is working seamlessly
  • Kitchen appliances are fine

Looks like you have taken care of everything before selling it off!

Oh! How are the wheels? Have you checked it?


These four things in your vehicle experience the maximum wear and tear. You cannot just take off those four wheels from your RV and sell the vehicle to a buyer because the tires are not in good shape. So, here are the four things you need to check on your wheels.

Sidewall Weathering

If you find out cracks on the sides of tires, replace them immediately. This is the sign of wear and tear and it must not be overlooked. Sidewall weathering appears when RVs are stored for a long time or if they are too heavy. Also, if the RVs are used consistently in warmer climates, the extreme ozone level creates those cracks.

Aluminum Wheels

RV wheels can be made of a variety of material. Many RV-ers prefer to use aluminum for their wheel. It is lighter and stronger than steel. It is even easy to clean. So, if you are thinking of selling your RV, change to aluminum wheels and you can keep it shiny at the time of selling.

Spare Tire

Whether you want to hand over your spare tire to the buyer or not, it is totally your call. But if you are looking for a good deal, a spare tire can bring you one. Do not compromise with the quality of the tire. Be careful of what you offer!

Storage Stress

If your RV is not in use for more than six months, it is time to take that vehicle out. Getting a good price for your used RV is possible only when it is in good shape. So, drive it occasionally, rotate the tires to prevent wear and tear.

The wheels of your RV are vital. Check them frequently and take all the necessary steps to keep them in the best form. These small things can help you .

What if your seller successfully convinced you to buy an RV which has water damages? How would you feel? Cheated, of course, and then maybe you will report the seller on online forums. But walk into the seller’s shoes for the time being. What if you wanted to that had water damages? Of course we won’t recommend cheating the buyer. And why would you when you can fix the problem? We will tell you how.


Step 1

Find out the water damaged area in your trailer. If you find the ceiling is water soaked, be rest assured that the wood underneath is rotten. So, cover everything below that region, and rip off the damaged ceiling or wall. Tear the wood completely because missing out any portion will renew the water leaks.

Step 2

If the framework is rotten in places, remove those particular areas carefully without creating a hole. At times, you have to remove the fixture disconnecting some wires. Label every fixture and wire to avoid confusion while reinstating them.

Step 3

If you have already identified the leak, repair it and let it dry for a few months. In case you are still unable to locate the leak, wait for the next rain and check the source of the damage. This will help you patch up properly. And once all the insulation and fixtures have dried up, restore the RV. Make sure you are using new screws, wallpaper and new woods, for replacing the damaged areas.

It is better to take immediate steps, the moment you find water stains on the ceiling of your RV or wall paneling. The longer you ignore it, the more serious damage it can cause. This in turn will increase your repairing cost. Moreover, the roof sealers and repair products for your home may not be helpful to restore the water-damaged area in the camper. If you are not a pro with the repairing work, hire a professional. You can always get a good deal selling a used RV in its best form. So, don’t ruin your reputation, repair the damage and build a .

It is not possible for you to start your RV-ing passion with all the knowledge from the very beginning. You learn a few stuffs from your experiences and some you need to gather by listening to other RV-ers. Now, if all these details have encouraged you to opt for and if you are planning to sell the old vehicle to get an advanced one, then here are four things you need to know.


Bigger is Not Always Better

If you think, full-time Rv-ing require lots of space because you will be spending most of you time travelling, then you are mistaken. May be a big motor home can give you comfort but you will experience problems while parking. A small RV is easy to fit in private parks; you can select any location to halt without worrying.

Take Your Time on Road

You are not running a relay race. So when you hit the road with your RV, don’t rush like a crazy tourist. You can fix a timeframe to check out places, but never bind your journey to strict norms, especially when you are a fulltime RV-er. You have your own vehicle, which is an advantage. So find out new places, take out time to enjoy the surroundings and the locality. Take as much time you need but make your RV-ing experience is exciting.

Learn to Live with Little

The art of RV-ing is to live with fewer things. You can carry your whole wardrobe, get the best appliances for the kitchen or build the latest furniture sets. But the question is, do you need all those excess things? It is important to select only those stuffs, which are important for you. Since you are always on the go, there is no reason to stock food items that are available easily. Also, keep in mind the storage factor while packing for RV-ing.

Follow the Weather

When you hit the road, don’t think too much about the weather. But keep a note of the latest weather updates and try not to take any life-threatening risks. Follow the weather forecasts and change your routes, if necessary. Also, if you know a place that looks beautiful in a particular time of the year, gear up and explore the unknown.

So, think carefully when . And when you think you have experienced enough adventure, you can always sell your RV.

Are you eager to sell your RV? And have you already used ample amount of soaps and cleaners to pretty it up in a hurry? But that might not be enough to pull in the potential buyers. Most of the buyers are partial to a fair deal of course, but they also want to put their travel plans on wheels as quickly as possible. So, making your rig travel-ready for your potential buyers can work in your favor and help you get a . But how to get the RV travel-ready? Let us show you the way.


Check the Fuel Water Sensor

Water in the fuel can cause some nasty problems that are quite expensive to repair. You can assume that your potential buyer would embark on a long journey after buying the rig from you. So, check the fuel water sensor that allows only the purest form of fuel to flow in the pumps and injectors. Checking and draining the fuel water separator can maintain engine performance and make the journeys stress-free. Forgetting or just avoiding to address this issue can break the deal when experts hired by your buyer find the problem. So, get on with it.

A Thorough Inspection Can Save the Deal

Checking every bit of the rig for cracks and broken seals can help you make the RV travel-ready. Looking closely at the cooling fans for bent areas and insect infestation in the air vents, can save you an embarrassment. Granted that not every RV owner is adept at handling machine problems, but you can always seek professional help for complex issues.

Change the Oil for Best Performance

If you haven’t already, now is as good a time as any to change the engine oil. Engine oil works as a protective coating, keeping parts in the engine from grinding. Plus, it can keep the engine cool and protect the combustion cycle. So, if you want a quick sell, changing the oil and maintaining your RV performance seem to be the smart play.

Like we said, you would most probably need
professional assistance to handle some of these issues. But, playing your part as an inspector can make the maintenance process twice as much efficient in . That is what your potential buyers want and you should take initiatives to make that happen, and get top dollar on the deal.

Before you get ready to , a relaxing trip can be the best way to complete the circle of adventures. This last trip can be a fitting tribute to all your years of journey through thick and thin with you motor home. Boondocking trips generally take you to the most solitary places, to the untouched or rarely selected locations for camping. Although a bit of solitude is required to let your sweet old RV travel memories flood your mind, staying away from conventional campground and other campers can present some difficulties. Not that you cannot handle such problems. But a few suggestions and information on what to do to stay safe, can make things easier for you on the road. So, let us try to pick out a few choices to keep things safe while boondocking.


Park in Well-Lit Areas

You can decide that you do not need traditional convenience (electricity, water, and sewer hook-ups) for the last motor home trip, but do not forget to re-check the safety choices. As you will be parking your RV in not-so-crowded or utterly secluded areas, make sure that they are well-lit. This will let you feel safe and keep the troublemakers away from you rig.

Keep Socializing to Minimum at Night

, to avoid getting out of the RV at night. If you are thinking of traveling alone, try not to discuss your travel plans with strangers. Talking about gears you have in your RV and other possessions could get you into trouble. So, keep things to yourself and be alert to avoid unnecessary issues.

Secure Windows and Doors

Make it a habit to lock and secure all the doors and windows before leaving your RV alone or going to sleep. Keeping the night light on inside the motor home can make you feel safe and secured, even in a strange and solitary location. And do not forget to draw the curtains on the windows after sundown.

Boondocking can be a great way to say goodbye to your rig. And with a bit of safety measures in place, you can enjoy your moments far away from crowded campsites.

Selling your RV is easy and finding great deals too. But, while thinking of saying good bye to your motor home, know that you are not alone trying to clear out the garage space in a jiffy. at a higher price. Sure, you have all the protection and convenience features installed in the RV. But, what about entertainment? Okay, maybe it is not the first, not even the second important thing that buyers look for in an RV. However, it can sure add a couple of layers of charm to your deal. No! You do not have to supply the TV itself to sweeten the deal, just the TV mount will do. With these equipment in place, you would never have to jump to grab the television every time your vehicle makes a turn. Let us talk about a few of these mounts to figure out which one will suit your RV the best.


Flat TV Mounts:

This is a fixed position mount and doesn’t offer you the choice to move the TV for better viewing as you change your sitting position. However, these mounts come in affordable price ranges and you can put them on yourself. That will save you some pretty penny while assuring a better resale value, right?

Slide-Out Mounts:

Want to enjoy a piping hot cup of coffee outside the RV, but don’t want to miss your favorite show? With slide-out mount, now you do not have to compromise. These mounts are highly durable and can be installed on ceiling, wall, or basement cargo bay. With horizontal slide-out facility, now you can surprise your buyer with out of the RV and safe entertainment options.

Under Cabinet Mounts:

If you have a perfect little space for a television in your RV or you are going for that trendy entertainment plus coking area feature, then use an under-cabinet mount. These mounts can be folded to save space while the TV is not in use. Safety and space saving are its two best features.

Desk Mounts:

Those of your buyers who are thinking of using the computer screen for both work and entertainment, will be thrilled if you have a desk mount installed.

So, take a look at these mounts up close before you select one, and equip your RV with the much needed features for a quick and increased resale value. With all the information at your disposal, the only thing left is to research and make up your mind about the right TV mount model before .

Boondocking is all about walking off the beaten path to tune into the nature around you. Heading to parts unknown and far from Walmarts and gas stations sounds romantic and exhilarating at once. However, nature becomes a riddle when you are lost in wilderness. After you make the initial mistake of taking a wrong road, it takes you deeper into the remoteness, adding to confusion. Under this circumstance, what is important is to keep calm and try to find an escape route. While this is of course not going to be easy, it is not impossible either, with the right survival hacks. Picture yourself in the place of ‘the Martian’, Mark Watney. If he could survive over a year in a hostile planet ultimately making his way back to the earth, so can you. Let’s pick up some quick lessons from Watney to know what to do if you get stuck in a desolate spot:



Thankfully you are not in Mars, so you won’t have to create H2O by catalyzing a complex chemical reaction in the middle of a desert or deep inside a forest. However, every drop counts when you are away from the hookups. So if you feel you are stuck and are running out of water, stop wandering about trying to find your way by yourself, and try to locate a water-source first. Plan how you will cut down water consumption to make your stock last longer.


If you have RV solar panels, you can always have the RV-battery charged up to the fullest. This is an investment that will come to your rescue in more ways than one when you are stuck in the desert in a chilly night.

Stock up on Good Music; Recharge Your Sense of Humor

If I was asked to pick up just one lesson from the Martian, for me that would be never to leave home without reloading the music device with at least two dozens of new tracks. Good music will make the time fly by, as you kill hours trying to spot another RV group’s campsite. And know what? If you are tuned into your favorite music, you will never feel like running out of humor. And as long as you have the ability to laugh at yourself, you can solve any problem at hand.

You are in a far advantageous position than Mark Watney, simply because you are not in Mars – after all there is no shortage of breathable air and you don’t have to produce water out of thin air. It’s only a matter of time before you get back to the hustle and bustle of civilization. All it takes is patience and effort in the right direction. As long as you do not find out the escape route, – you will never feel lost again.

As far as RVs are concerned, driver’s seats get worn out very easily. blame it on the sun’s ultraviolet rays that directly enter your rig through the windscreen, subsequently fading and damaging the seats beyond repair. RV-owners often overlook this aspect, when prepping up their rig for a pre-sale presentation. Take our words, you cannot land a satisfying deal if you proceed without replacing your shabby, worn-out seat with some new and vibrant one. Here are a few seat-enhancement ideas that are likely to fetch a :


Enhance the Seat

Sitting comfort matters when you are driving at a stretch. Here are a few ways you can enhance the RV seat to ensure the maximum comfort for the driver:

i) Install an adjustable pedestal-base below the seat to make it move in multiple directions. It will make driving more comfortable.

ii) An RV-owner is supposed to travel through the length and breadth of the country, and the huge difference in temperature between the north and the south makes it a good idea to investment in a seat cushion cover that changes temperature with a turn of the switch. These thermoelectric cushion covers let you stay cool in hot summer days and warm in a chilly weather.

iii) For long distance travelers, removable auto seat cushions make a good choice – just replace the used one with a fresh cushion after long hours of driving to feel comfortable.

iv) If you don’t want to do it piece-by-piece, remove the whole seat, and install a new, feature-packed model that comes complete with different contours and fit. Believe us, this new addition can go a long way to impress prospective buyers.

Change Seat Covers

Being aesthetically pleasing is as important as being comfortable. A new seat cover can completely change the look and feel of the captain’s cabin. And with wide availability of a variety of decorative seat covers, it’s easy to choose one that fits your RV seat. Sheepskin covers are particularly suitable for hot weather traveling, as unlike vinyl, they don’t feel sticky during the summer days. This kind of enhancement is likely to attract buyers who intend to use it for full-time or frequent use. If you have only a modest budget, opt for fabric. You can buy them from any aftermarket auto-part manufacturer.

Driving comfort is the prerequisite for . It’s only natural for prospective buyers to examine the driver’s compartment thoroughly before sealing the deal. One of the surefire ways to create a positive first impression is to revamp the seat in the driver’s cabin. Keep these tips in mind and do it the smart way.

Made of particle board, RV floors are typically vulnerable to water damage. Water leaks may cause chipping, warping and even crumbling. Repairing the floor is a must before you make it show-ready. However, floor repair may make your rig ugly. Things like glue-marks, patch works, design mismatch and more render a sorry look and feel. Mats and rugs can come to your rescue. With strategic placement of these decorative spreads, you can breathe a new life into your RV flooring, and .


Start Right with the Entrance

Place a welcome mat at the main entrance. Besides keeping the inside clean, the mat will offer a warm welcome to your prospective buyers.

Be Selective

Options are endless when it comes to choosing RV mats. Select one that matches your RV interior and reflects your personality. For example, if you are a wildlife enthusiast, use jungle-themed mats and rugs throughout the RV. Alternatively sports-buffs can use items with their favorite team or sportsman’s name embossed on it. Regardless of your interest or hobby, it’s fun to use a decorative rug that reflects your interests and becomes an extension of your personality.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

Always go for high quality material as these rugs and mats are worth your investment. They serve the double-duty of keeping the interior clean and hiding the blemishes on the floor. Use the right types of mats for the different corners of the RV. You can choose from different categories such as patio mats, step mats, indoor mats, reversible mats and more. Whatever may be your choice, make sure that the product has skid-resistant back and all its edges are stitched to prevent fraying.

is often trickier than you have imagined. However, a few cosmetic changes can significantly enhance its value in the eye of prospective buyers. So don’t underestimate the significance of investing in some high quality RV mats or rugs – they can go a long way to mend your faulty flooring.

Getting your papers in place may not be an exciting experience when selling your motor home, but it’s extremely crucial for a smooth and hassle-free RV sale. Rig owners who have the right documents are able to clinch a successful deal minus any unexpected slip-ups or confusions. So, if you have decided to sell your home-on-wheels, here are some of the documentation problems you must address:

sell your rv

A Clean and Free Title for Closing

No buyer will agree to buy your RV if the title is not clean and updated. If you’re trying to sell your motor home and still have a lien on the vehicle, inform your prospective buyer about the fact. It’s fine if you have a lien on your RV provided you pay off the same before a customer takes possession of the rig.

Get Close out Figures If You Owe Money on Your Rig

Still have an obligation on your motor home? If so, make sure that you have the close out figures as soon possible from the lender company. Inquire as to what paperwork is needed to clear the loan. Usually, your RV sale will be smooth if you already have all the arrangements made. Get all your papers made and organized by a lawyer or an escrow firm.

Be Ready with a Bill of Sale

Once all documents are in place, you are required to prepare a bill of sale. Make sure all title transfer documents are ready and can be handed over to your buyer. It’s important that both your customer and you get in touch with individual state departments of motor vehicles for the right forms and guidelines. You can also get assistance from your attorney or escrow company to handle such matters.

When selling your RV, make sure your customer makes the payment through a cashiers’ check or bank wire transfer. Never handover the vehicle to a customer unless you have received the cash. .