Place Yourself in the Customer’s Shoes to Sell Your RV

Selling your RV is unlike selling your family car. You need to think like your customer who is looking for a used home-on-wheels with all the appliances, furniture, fittings, accessories and gadgets. Consider what your buyer wants from your motor home before he plops the money on your table. Is he looking for a spick and span living room, bedroom and toilet or is he more interested in modern entertainment systems and Wi-Fi connectivity? Whatever it is, know what your customer wants and use that knowledge to design an informative ad to sell your RV.

Customers Would Like to Know the Specifications

When you’re out in the market to sell your RV, buyers would like to know about your motor home type, model, chassis specifications, fuel and mileage type, length and width of your vehicle, the number of slide-outs and details pertaining to your RV engine, brakes, transmission and axle.

Buyers Would Request More Info about RV Systems

Create an online ad that includes all information related to your RV systems including solar panels, heating and air conditioning system, water and sewage capacity, warning systems, rear-view safety cameras and hydraulic levelers. To ensure that prospective customers come to inspect your motor home in person, incorporate detailed information pertaining to your RV systems.

Customers Will Inquire about the RV Amenities

Do you have all the amenities up and running in your motor home? If not, do a reality check of your RV’s HDTV, DVD player, speaker systems, charging ports, washers and dryers, kitchen appliances, and more. If there are any defects or issues with any appliances or gadgets, be honest about it. Do not hide any major problems that need addressing. Lying or hiding facts from your customers will only lead to an embarrassing situation and sour a profitable deal. How would you feel if you go shopping for something and are presented with incorrect or fake information? If you have made some major renovations such as adding new bathroom tiles or changing the entertainment system, highlight such info in your ad.

Place yourself in your customer’s shoes for a smooth RV sale. As they say, it’s all in the mind. .

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