Remember Rebecca’s parents from the novel-turned-movie Confessions of a Shopaholic? Graham and Jane Bloomwood, the protagonist’s retiring parents, wanted to buy an RV and explore the country. Although the Bloomwoods were based in the UK, the story is almost the same in the US too. Studies conducted by the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) show that the number of RV enthusiasts in the US is well over 35 million, including a growing number of baby boomers.

Comfort is one of the top priorities of the retirees. RV-living gives them the freedom and flexibility that they want in their post-retirement life. Added to this is the opportunity to see interesting places, meet new people and have exciting experiences. This shows why an approximate 750,000 to a million retirees in the US have started considering RVs as their permanent address.

If you own a motor home that is no longer in use, why keep it locked inside the garage? Gradual depreciation will only lower its value over time. Sell it off to an RV dealer before it is too late. You will not only end up with a hefty amount of cash, but will also help a retiree get his luxurious post-retirement retreat in the process.

Before you contact an RV dealer, make sure to browse through the official National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) website where you can check the current value of your rig. This will help you get a rough estimate about your vehicle’s worth based on current market standards. These dealers have a very strong network and it will take only a few days for them to find a retiree in need to break free.



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